Remedies against the heat: the smart air conditioner

Also this year the summer is turning out to be a climate nightmare for many Italians, caught in the grip of asphyxiating heat. Working, at home or in the office, in temperatures of 30 degrees or more is a pain, sleeping with skyrocketing lows offers no refreshment. Who can take refuge under the air flow of a conditioner.

But this is not always the best choice, and sometimes it is not enough: if a room receives summer solar radiation for several consecutive hours, for example, it will take a long time and a lot of energy before bringing it back to acceptable temperatures even with a good air conditioner. last generation. This is why almost everyone does what they shouldn’t do: they go home, find it hot and turn on the air conditioners at the minimum temperature per cool the rooms more quickly. It is bad for the environment and very bad for health, especially in old age. There technology has already found the solution to this problem: they are i smart air conditioners, which can be programmed and managed remotely and intelligently. Among the leaders in the sector is Samsung, with its range of WindFree air conditioners.

Air conditioner: because smart is better

A smart air conditioner is always better than a traditional one, for two reasons: the first is that it is more modern and, therefore, almost certainly more efficient (consumes less energy electricity and costs less in the bill), the second is that it allows us to manage it remotely in a smarter.

The ideal strategy (for the environment, for the bill and for health) of cooling an environment consists in cooling the room gradually, starting just when the room is heating up and setting a temperature that is not excessively low: if it is 30 degrees outside, in fact , enter the house and find a temperature uniform of 24 degrees it is more than enough to find relief.

And, in addition, it does not expose us to dangerous excessive temperature changes, which are bad for the lungs, throat, often cause headaches and, if we are sweaty (which is likely, if it is very hot outside), can also hurt the muscles of the joints and back.

To implement such a strategy, however, a smart air conditioner able to activate itself when the external temperature overcomes one preset threshold. Otherwise, with a traditional air conditioner, the only solution is to rely on the on and off timer which, however, is a fallback choice since the activation of the device is not linked to the external temperature but to the internal one. The air conditioner, therefore, is activated when the room has already become too hot.

Samsung WindFree: technical characteristics

All the big air conditioners manufacturers are gradually making their products smarter but, as already mentioned, Samsung is perhaps the one ahead. The reason is simple: he has tremendous experience with smart and connected devices.

The range Samsung WindFree is one of these products and offers three great advantages to those who choose it: energy certification triple A (therefore a very low consumption), integration with the ecosystem Smart Things Samsung for smart features and the new WindFree technology, hence the name of the range.

Through theapp Samsung Smart Things it is possible to remotely control the WindFree air conditioner, or take advantage of theartificial intelligence and let it work for us. The device can in fact record the user’s habits and adapt its operation accordingly. Or turn on automatically when the external temperature exceeds a certain threshold.

WindFree It means “no wind“and it is the other great advantage of these air conditioners: the air does not come”shot“on people but is passed by 21 thousand microholes that transform the wind produced by the air conditioner into a soft breeze. This further decreases the risk of air strikes e optimizes cooling, making it more uniform.

The two reference models of the range of Samsung WindFree air conditioners are the one from 9000 BTU (AR09TXCAAWKNEU) and the one from 12000 BTU (AR12TXCAAWKNEU), which cost 1,099 euros and 1,219 respectively. Both prices are inclusive of the external refrigeration unit.

Samsung WindFree Smart Air Conditioner – 9000 BTU

Samsung WindFree Smart Air Conditioner – 12000 BTU

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