SpaceX Starship launch tower is not yet FAA approved, it could be shot down

The skirmishes between theFEW (Federal Aviation Administration) e SpaceX. In the past there had been a number of squabbles between Elon Musk and people from the federal agency that deals with the safety of US airspace and now a new chapter is being added to the story.

According to reports from CNBC, which in turn reported the words of a spokesperson for theFEW, it seems that Musk’s company has not waited for final approval for the construction of the launch tower dedicated to the great carrier (and spacecraft) Starship. This could lead to unforeseen consequences.

SpaceX: Starship’s launch tower could be brought down

According to what was reported by the spokesman of theFEW “the company is building the launch tower at its own risk”. The risk could be that of having to tear down the tower if it does not pass the environmental review. Obviously, this would be an extreme consequence and it is unlikely that it will happen, but it is not to be completely excluded anyway.

L’FEW had written two months ago a SpaceX to warn the company that the launch tower it had not yet been approved. Also the facility would be included in the review. Previously, in 2014, the agency had already conducted an environmental review for the Boca Chica area but dedicated to Falcon 9 rockets and not the largest ones Starship. With the arrival of the new generation of carriers it was necessary to conduct a new updated overhaul.

There was also a written statement from SpaceX to make plans that would later prove to be inaccurate. A first statement from the company suggested that the launch tower it would only be used for testing (not launching) and assembly. In the plans subsequently released by the company, the possibility of launching was also added.

The height of 142 meters would be a problem as it surpasses all structures (such as water towers and lighting towers) assessed in the 2014 environmental review. Even without these complications it is unlikely that the orbital launch will take place by the end of July. More likely we will see this test (barring blocks from the FAA) between August and September.



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