this is how the summer rates have changed

this is how the summer rates have changed
this is how the summer rates have changed

Let’s see how WindTre’s proposals change for the summer season. The announcement of the double remodeling surprised customers

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The Telephone companies they are giving birth to a pretty hot summer as far as it goes. In fact they are challenging each other to the sound of offers to attract the greatest number of new customers and to keep close ones already affiliated.

Going specifically WindTre has launched some proposals regarding the mobile phone, especially for those who have an ex SIM of 3 Italia. Here is what it is and what conveniences it has left as a dowry.

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WindTre: what is the remodeling for customers with former Sim 3 Italia?

All this is the result of the double remodeling implemented by the manager Orange. In the same vein as Tim e Vodafone has made changes aimed at the continuity of consumption. In practice i WindTre customers with ex Yes 3 Italy at the time of renewing the rechargeable if they have no credit to automatically proceed with the restoration of the tariff, they receive unlimited thresholds for calls, sms and connection ad Internet.

All at a daily price of 0.99 euro cents. However, this can happen up to a maximum of 2 days. Once taken on the third day WindTre will proceed with the traffic block. All the extra accumulated will then end up a debt and will be collected with an automatic withdrawal as soon as the customer will make the refill.

The other big news concerns the Internet connection. Those who terminate their quota prematurely for Internet will receive a Giga extra for the network connection. Also in this case the cost of the service amounts to 0.99 euros per day.

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So for those who thought that Iliad e Got Mobile are among the best managers of the moment is very wrong. Their offers they are advantageous, but in the end each operator offers something important and that can help the customer. In short, waiting for the August barrels, calling and texting has never been so convenient.


summer rates changed

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