Rare smartphones, these older ones are worth a treasure: how to recognize them

Even rare smartphones can be worth a treasure if you know how to recognize them. Here are some of the more expensive ones

Rare smartphones, there are some that are worth a fortune (Pixabay)

If you think the world of collecting stop at rare coins and stamps, you are very wrong. There are actually many other sectors with thousands of fans willing to spend mind-boggling amounts just to take home the rarest pieces. Sometimes we even talk about thousands of euros, perhaps for an object that you have at home and you think it is now to be thrown away.

Today we talk to you about rare smartphones, that is, those dated models that – for one reason or another – are highly sought after by enthusiasts. At auctions it is usually full of them, and some specimens you might as well have them in the attic of your home. Here are the most wanted and the ones that could make you a fortune.

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Rare smartphones, which ones are the most requested

Here are some of the most requested of all (Pixabay)

If you want to earn something on the rare smartphones, know that there are many and some are worth a fortune. Let’s start fromEricsson T28 and from Nokia 8810, with a minimum value of 100 euro. Then there is the so dear Nokia 3310, the iconic phone that can be sold at today 150 euro. The same price is also the same Motorola Razr V3 and it StarTAC. We go up from 200 to 500 euros for the Nokia E90 Communicator, while the auction base of Nokia 9000 Communicator and of 500 euro (to rise).

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Now let’s move on to the three-zero digits, with the Mobira Senator that sells like hot cakes: it costs at least 1000 euro. And the very first could not be missing iPhone in circulation, namely the 2G. Enthusiasts are willing to spend from 400 to 1000 euros. Finally the Motorola DynaTac 8000x, the minimum price of which is 1000 euro but it can go up a lot.


Rare smartphones older worth treasure recognize

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