Mercede eActros, the new electric delivery truck

Mercede eActros, the new electric delivery truck
Mercede eActros, the new electric delivery truck

With the first series-built electric-powered truck, Mercedes-Benz Trucks usher in a new era and underlines its commitment to CO2-neutral road freight transport. The standard model of the eActros will be produced from autumn 2021.

Standard specifications include proven features such as the MirrorCam and interactive multimedia dashboard. The eActros is now ready to support Mercedes-Benz Trucks customers on their way to CO2-neutral transport services. The battery is equipped with three or four battery packs, each with an energy capacity of approximately 105 kWh.

The maximum capacity of 420 kWh allows you to reach aautonomy up to 400 km. The drive unit is the true technological heart of the electric truck: a rigid electric axle with two integrated electric motors and a two-speed gearbox. Both liquid-cooled engines generate continuous power of 330 kW and peak power of 400 kW.

The two integrated electric motors ensure unrivaled efficiency and constant power delivery with high starting torque. The torque and two-speed gearbox ensure powerful acceleration, extraordinary driving comfort and driving dynamics that allow for a more relaxed and stress-free ride. The new aActros can also be used for night deliveries, given its low noise level; vibrations are also reduced compared to diesel versions. The eActros can be charged with an output of up to 160 kW, the three battery packs require just over an hour to be recharged from 20 to 80%.

Mercedes inserts the eActros into an ecosystem that also includes advice and services, and one range of digital solutions to increase the capacity utilization of the vehicle and optimize the total cost of ownership.

The driver is always updated on the charge level of the batteries and on the remaining range, on the current and average energy consumption, thanks to the interactive multimedia dashboard standard. Fleet managers can also use digital solutions from the Fleetboard portal to control their fleet with maximum efficiency. Also very popular is the mapping tool that shows the current position of the vehicle in real time, also indicating whether it is moving, parked or charging, as well as the battery charge level.

Mercedes eActros, preview of the new electric truck

Driving safety features and systems for the new electric Mercedes eActros truck. For example, special aluminum profile shockproof elements protect the batteries in the event of a side impact, while the integrated sensors are able to detect the scenario. The vehicle is also equipped with the external Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System (AVAS – external vehicle acoustic warning system), the fifth generation Active Brake Assist and emergency braking system with pedestrian recognition. Mercedes-Benz Trucks wants to offer as much support as possible.


Mercede eActros electric delivery truck

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