BioShock: What Face Do Big Daddies Have? The chilling revelation

BioShock: What Face Do Big Daddies Have? The chilling revelation
BioShock: What Face Do Big Daddies Have? The chilling revelation

The boundless world of video games still hides a variety of unsolved mysteries that are impossible to keep up with. From the open endings, to mysterious subplots up to characters that have remained in the collective memory because of some truly unique and mysterious peculiarities. Of all these mysteries, the beloved BioShock hides a curiosity that fans have always wanted to discover, namely: what lies behind the diver’s helmet Big Daddy.

The world built around the underwater city from Rapture has been able to captivate millions of players around the world. Its districts, characters, and creatures that populate this city manage to both frighten and charm anyone who sets foot in the now dilapidated city. The Big Daddies are the protagonists of the most unforgettable sections of the first game and today, after more than ten years, we discover the face behind those huge helmets.

The mystery was revealed to us by Andy Kelly, an industry journalist who, on his Twitter account in these hours, has published an image that shows us the face of BioShock’s Big Daddy. The posted image comes from concept artist who gave life to some drawings for the realization of the game world and the characters that populate Rapture; and obviously among these there was also a focus on a Big Daddy without a helmet.

As you can see with your own eyes, the image is chilling, and in fact some users have said they prefer not to know what that iconic diver’s helmet hides. In the meantime, we know that 2K intends to continue the saga with a Bioschok 4 currently in development, although at the moment we do not know any further official details on the return of the beloved FPS saga.

Waiting for the fourth chapter, you can relive (or experience for the first time) this saga with the Bioschock The Collection. You can buy this package on Amazon at this address.


BioShock Face Big Daddies chilling revelation

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