a Quick Resume system update and other features – Nerd4.life

a Quick Resume system update and other features – Nerd4.life
a Quick Resume system update and other features – Nerd4.life

Xbox Series X|S will receive a new one shortly update intended to fix the Quick Resume and other features of the new Microsoft consoles, with this update that is already available for insider users of the Alpha Skip-Ahead ring.

Considering that the system update is currently available to the first group of users insider, it means that it will take a few more days before this can be made available to everyone through a standard public rollout, but we can already get an idea of ​​some of the improvements applied.

Among the fixes reported in the update in question, identified as V. 2108.210708-2200, we note in particular the adjustment of “some problems with games in Quick Resume, which in some cases show a black screen and lead to initial loading” . The update should therefore fix the problem detected on some titles and in certain cases.

Others changes are linked to the localization in different languages: obviously, the update also takes care of correcting the translation of some text elements present in the local versions of the Xbox Series X | S system software.

Usually, Xbox system updates that are then officially released to the public are more extensive and include one higher amount of fixes all together and also in this case this will probably happen, also considering the various problems already identified by Microsoft and which are currently being solved: among these we find problems in the launch of apps, which in some cases show the error code 0x80073D0F, absence of audio in some cases using Dolby Atmos, problems related to the Xbox version of the Edge browser, and a further extension in using Dolby Vision for games, particularly with TVs that cannot support this mode at 120 Hz.

It is therefore likely that the solutions to part of these problems will be included in the overall update that will then be released to the public in the next period.


Quick Resume system update features Nerd4life

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