all TikTok profiles opened by the creator and their characteristics

Opsvivian is back on TikTok. The controversial creator, who in April had raised a lot of talk for his fundraising cause of poverty, which turned out to be a social experiment, has opened a dozen new profiles. Having abandoned the role of the noble, the creator has decided to dress different, each with its own distinctive traits.

Vivian voices hers numerous personalities and nothing is missing. There is Ops.giorgi, who is a slow-talking stoner who utters disjointed sentences. Along the lines there are also: Ops.alexs, who is constantly drunk and dazed, and who forgets everything; ops.infinity (the most followed), constantly depressed.

The female part of the creator is expressed through Opsbetty, a diva who loves to wear make-up and wigs, engaged to her version playboy, Ops.mikee, who loves to make up, fix her hair and please girls. The “sentimental” group is completed by Ops.cristians, a simple boy looking for a girlfriend, from Ops.leonardo, recognizable by the pigtails and the more aggressive way of doing, and the single Ops.Jason.

In the long list of characters, the disturbing one, Ops.hector, who hears the voices and is nothing short of possessed, cannot be missing, the one who wants to conquer the world, ops.dominic, and the child one, ops.bob. The list is completed (but they have no videos yet) by the angry Ops.fabio, the reprehensible ops.cagasburra (“Just harass me and ask me to do things) and the official profile

Opsvivian proves to have great imagination, even if the characters are often repetitive and personality traits are sometimes mixed with each other. What can we still expect?

[FOTO: TikTok]


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