Aprilia GPR250R, the mini RSV4 presented in China

Aprilia GPR250R, the mini RSV4 presented in China
Aprilia GPR250R, the mini RSV4 presented in China

Beginners must have small displacement bikes, which is why we hope this new one Aprilia GPR250R, go beyond the Asian market. That’s right, it just got loaned at the Xi’an Auto Expo in China. The range of sports motorcycles of the Noale manufacturer, therefore, would be even more complete. The small Aprilia RS125, the medium Aprilia RS660, and the superbike dedicated to the more experienced RSV4, would therefore see the missing link with the GPR250R, which for Europe could easily be renamed RS250.

Single cylinder with 26 horsepower

It would therefore be an interesting bike, given that even looking at the design alone, with that LED headlight divided into three parts, it would recall the other Italians who are making interesting sales numbers (here are the 5 best-selling super sports cars of 2021!). The engine is a single-cylinder 250 cc (six-speed gearbox), with a power of 26 cavalli, power adequate to the competition. There is no shortage of valuable details, since we not only have LED headlights, but also it TFT screen al cockpit.

In terms of chassis, the new Aprilia GPR250R is equipped with a 41 mm inverted fork and a rear monoshock with adjustable preload. ABS is of course standard, and works in symbiosis with a 300mm front disc brake and 218mm rear. The price in China is set at 26,800 CNY, the equivalent of 4,144 dollars, or, if you prefer, 3,505 euros, a price that is clearly not adequate for our market. Will we see it too? Well … we hope so!


Aprilia GPR250R mini RSV4 presented China

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