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Check out a new video feature on WhatsApp. Let’s see what changes and why the tool was in great demand by all users.

New function for the messaging application (Via Screenshot)

The developers of WhatsApp they are renewing the application day after day, introducing new functions on a weekly basis. In recent months we have seen how ‘audio messages’ have been revolutionized. Now from Menlo Park the big news arrives also for videos. As reported by the specialized portal WABetaInfo soon you will be able to choose the sending quality of the recorded videos, one features which can prove to be very useful.

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They will be three upload qualities available:

  • AUTOMATIC – Here it will be the application that decides the quality of the video sent and everything will depend on the quality of the connection.
  • BEST QUALITY – The user will be able to send the videos at the highest quality available.
  • DATA SAVER – With this option, WhatsApp prefers an adequate quality for mass saving, thus making the video as light as possible.

At the moment the application has not yet announced when this quest will be released last update. The only sure thing is that in the last period, the application is trying to increase the number of updates precisely for not be recovered by the competition. In fact, many of the new features are taken from the main competitor of the Menlo Park app, Telegram.

WhatsApp, great news for images and videos: what changes

New update for the most famous messaging application in the world (via screenshot)

As widely anticipated, between May and June WhatsApp pressed its foot on the accelerator with regard to updates. In fact, we have seen the arrival of double speed audio, but it is not the only function ready to improve the application. In addition, the app will soon implement i multimedia content that can only be viewed once. The feature is expected to arrive shortly on the Beta version of the messaging application.

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So when we send photos or videos we will be able to select the function thanks to a new button inserted in the right part of the box to send messages. The content in question will then be automatically deleted once the recipient has opened it. Furthermore, if the recipient has disabled the function of the blue check, the sender will still know if the content was displayed or less. In addition, the function can also be used in group chats, with the administrator who can decide whether to activate it or not.


absolute novelty users

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