Sony cancels a historical study from its official website: final goodbye

Time of great maneuvers for Sony which, between one acquisition and another, updates its portfolio of internal studies “Canceling” a historical team.

The Japanese publisher has just closed an important deal with the addition of the software house of Returnal nella lineup PlayStation.

Housemarque has been integrated into PlayStation Studios and is already thinking big for its next projects.

Today, however, the arrival of Nixxes, a well-known studio in the PC port scene that will provide assistance to the big names of the team.

On the official PlayStation site, where the sumptuous team of internal teams is immortalized, however, Japan Studio has definitively disappeared.

The first first-party software house founded by Sony is now a thing of the past of the past, having been dismembered earlier this year.

After several rumors, corroborated by the many famous farewells, it was the Japanese house itself that confirmed the news.

Japan Studio was factual ribrandizzato come Team Asobi, which will focus under a new direction on the experiences of Astro Bot.

As shown by the pictures, Japan Studio, “The longtime talent behind some of the most original PlayStation titles”, it is gone and has given way to Team Asobi.

The description of Team Asobi also speaks quite clearly, since we are talking about the «Team behind the exclusive PS5 Astro’s Playroom», the game that most of all showed the potential of the DualSense controller.

The latter, complete with the logo of the software house, has taken the place of Japan Studio alongside Insomniac Games.

For the moment, the list does not yet include Housemarque and Nixxes Software, but we imagine it is a matter of time.

For Housemarque, a bright future is envisaged, with a project that should be significantly more ambitious than Returnal.

It is unclear whether there will be other acquisitions or not, but there are clues why the next round is up to Bluepoint Games.

On the subject of acquisitions, a direct competitor such as Microsoft has also become unbalanced, explaining that he does not see them as bad for the industry.

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