GTA 6, Rockstar has chosen setting, protagonist and release date

GTA 6, Rockstar has chosen setting, protagonist and release date
GTA 6, Rockstar has chosen setting, protagonist and release date

The wait for GTA 6 rises. According to the latest rumor, it seems that Rockstar has chosen the setting, the protagonist and the release date

Valuable new information about GTA 6 is popping up (screenshot)

Let’s go back to talking about GTA 6. One of the most anticipated titles in history, it still seems a long way from being released. The fifth chapter of the saga has also landed on next-gen, becoming the first in history to cover 3 generations of consoles. A huge success, which is pushing Rockstar Games to proceed calmly and develop in due time the new chapter of the saga.

In recent years, hundreds of rumors and indiscretions have been chasing each other about what will be Grand Theft Auto 6. In one of his videos, the expert insider Tom Henderson has revealed some information that – if verified – would be very heavy. Here is everything he told about setting, protagonist and release date.

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GTA 6, what insider Tom Henderson told

With a video posted on YouTube, the insider Tom Henderson has revealed some possible background that would be very heavy. It seems that Rockstar Games has officially decided to return to Vice City, in an obviously modern and totally revised version compared to the one starring Tommy Vercetti. The idea is that of enlarge the map, with many new and explorable areas. We then talk about protagonists which, even in GTA 6, will be multiple. According to the latest rumors, there should also be one donna, the mind of the group that will have to manage the hacking situations.

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But let’s move on to the news that everyone is waiting for: when will it hit the shelves? As explained by the insider, it seems that we will have to wait several more years. Rockstar Games would be in the early stages of development, which means that we will presumably have to wait until 2024 or even 2025.


GTA Rockstar chosen setting protagonist release date

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