“Nothing strange, the problem is his girlfriend Valentina”

“Nothing strange, the problem is his girlfriend Valentina”
“Nothing strange, the problem is his girlfriend Valentina”

Temptation Island, Manila Nazzaro and Tommaso’s jealousy: “Nothing strange, the problem is his girlfriend Valentina”. Tommaso Eletti and Valentina Nulli Augusti: they are there couple that since the first episode of Temptation Island, aired last night on Canale 5 and ensuring a boom in ratings for the conductor Filippo Bisciglia, immediately appeared among the protagonists of the 2021 edition of the journey among feelings.

Temptation Island, Valentina Augusti and that detail on social media on Tommaso Eletti

The two have been together since November 2019 and their problem was revealed from the very first scenes: the jealousy of him, a 21-year-old Roman, towards his older girlfriend of 19 years. Immediately in trend on twitter, the theme of the very strong jealousy combined with the sense of possession that the young Tommaso has towards Valentina has aroused the reaction of an old acquaintance of the island of girlfriends: the queen Manila Nazzaro, protagonist of the last edition together with Lorenzo Amoruso.

Her wisdom and emotional closeness to her companions in adventure, as well as the love with her Lorenzo that made viewers dream, had crowned her the moral winner. Today, commenting on the first episode of Temptation Island through a series of stories on his profile Instagram, she replied to followers who asked her just what she thought of Tommaso and Valentina: “I see nothing strange in his jealousy. Granted, it’s absurd, but it often happens at that age. The problem is more like how a 40-year-old woman can expect to live with a guy who has this kind of attitude, there is something extremely wrong and it’s not just on his side. It makes me a little sad, and he makes me a lot of tenderness. He’s a good guy in my opinion. “

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