how to tell if your TV is compatible

Soon there will be the transition to the new DVB-T2 standard and many are starting to wonder whether or not they will have to replace their television. Let’s go into the details and see what there is to know about it.

The last few months have been marked by the impact of Covid, which has led us to change many of our habits. Just think of the use of masks and social distancing. A difficult historical moment, characterized by a greater use of technological devices, such as smartphones and computers that allow us to keep in touch with friends and relatives at any time. At the same time, the most popular communication tools include the television.

Now present in almost all homes, this device offers the possibility of quickly and easily accessing various types of information. Given its characteristics, therefore, it is not surprising that many are interested in the changes that affect this device, such as the gradual transition to the new digital terrestrial. A real revolution that certainly does not go unnoticed, with many who risk having to say goodbye to their loved one television. So let’s go into the details and see how to understand whether or not your television set is compatible with the new standard.

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TV, revolution in progress, goodbye to digital terrestrial: how to understand if the TV is compatible

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Starting from September 2021, the progressive shutdown MPEG2 encoding in favor of AVC, MPEG4, already used on high definition channels. From 21 June until 30 June 2022in addition, the transition to DVB-T2 will take place with the shutdown of DVB-T broadcasts. From that moment on, therefore, all non-compatible devices will no longer receive the signal.

Therefore, the definitive transition to the new standard is shortly missing and for this reason many are wondering whether or not they will have to replace their dear old TV. To find out if your device is compatible or not, therefore, we suggest you do a specific test. All you have to do is tune in to channels 100 and 200, the Rai and Mediaset test channels. At this point, if the message “Test HEVC Main10” appears, your device is able to receive the new signal. In this case you will not have to change TV, but simply re-tune the channels.

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If, on the other hand, the screen appears black, then most likely you will have to change TV or, at least, use a external decoder able to decode the new standard. As far as pay-TV is concerned, however, Sky has made it known that the Sky Q boxes are compatible to manage FTA channels in Hevc mode. In this case, therefore, you do not have to replace your television.

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