These fragrant plants are enough for flowered and welcoming balconies without effort

The pandemic has given everyone the opportunity to fully experience homes, including balconies and gardens.

Regardless of the size of your terrace, knowing how to carve out a flowery space is essential for the well-being of mind and body.

In fact, it is known how a flowered balcony is able to bring even the most skeptical person closer to the beauties of nature. This even in the middle of a busy city.

Many think that carving out a green space is very expensive. In reality this is not the case since even a single vase can improve the blackest mood.

Furthermore, adding a chair or a coffee table will transform your space into a real corner of paradise. These fragrant plants are enough for flowered and welcoming balconies without effort.

How to organize

To make the balcony as flowered and welcoming as possible, it is necessary to first identify the best location for the activities and the setting up of the greenery.

It will be necessary to carefully consider the best location for vases and furniture.

There will be elements that can serve to hide the critical points, the details to be enhanced and, of course, the correct exposure to the sun or wind.

However, in the absence of space, you can opt for vertical greenery.

The plants that can become the true queens of the balconies are the climbing species. In fact, these plants are perfect for creating a great atmosphere even in a small space.

Among these, the evergreens should be preferred to have the guarantee of a luxuriant effect all year round.

Climbing hydrangeas

Among the plants to choose for a flowered balcony we find climbing hydrangeas. It is a perfect type of plant to cover walls as long as they are arranged correctly. In fact, they should be placed on a balcony in the shade using soil with an acid pH. As with classic hydrangeas, climbers must also be watered abundantly. The light, white flowering will be beautiful.

Faux jasmine

In addition to hydrangeas, we can name the fake jasmine, one of the most popular climbers in the North for its resistance to cold. In the southern regions, however, they tend to be replaced by the classic jasmine. It is a very resistant plant, it tends to grow very quickly and for this reason it should be contained with pruning.

It is advisable to place it in a ventilated place near the window to allow the perfume to enter the house as well. These fragrant plants are enough for flowered and welcoming balconies without effort.


Dregea is a plant that will grace the balcony with abundant flowering from June to September. Creamy white in color with pink streaks and oval leaves, the dregea smells of honey.

It is a plant that needs to be placed in well-drained soil and in the sun. It should be grown only in areas where the weather is mild, in fact it resists a few degrees below zero.


Passionflower needs to be planted in a warm and sheltered place. Depending on the variety, each one will have its own specific resistance to cold. For this reason it is advisable to ask the nursery for the characteristics of your purchase.


Among the herbaceous perennials, then we find the agapanthus. It is a plant that with the arrival of heat form long stems with blue corollas. They need to be watered and fertilized frequently and it is important to protect it from winter.

That’s why these fragrant plants are enough for flowered and welcoming balconies without effort.

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