The Ascent and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD are the most anticipated games of July 2021

This also July 2021 it is definitely full of news, despite the fact that it is usually a rather quiet month from the point of view of releases, given its being in the middle of summer. This old rule, apparently, has completely lost its value in recent years, considering the amount of major releases that tend to thicken even in this period, so we are no longer surprised by anything.

The election of the most anticipated game reflects this situation, with the lack, perhaps, of a single title able to completely catalyze the attention but with the interest that is distributed in a rather uniform way over a lot of different games, a symptom of a state of excellent health from part of the videogame market, able to always offer an excellent quantity and variety of products.

The Ascent has a truly remarkable style

To want to nitpick, it must also be said that there are few completely new titles coming out during July, given that most of them are remakes, re-editions, conversions and various expansions, but the quality of the games is indisputable. and there are, however, at least a couple of completely new experiences which, not surprisingly, also turn out to be quite quoted among the most anticipated stocks.

All this while we leave behind a June characterized by the return of E3, which brought new ones especially to Xbox and Nintendo Switch users, waiting for possible surprises also on the Sony front, which in the coming days could have its own event in store, in which could be presented further innovations to spice up the next period a little.

So let’s see the double choice between editorial and readers on most anticipated game of July 2021.

The most awaited by the editorial staff

Great tussle emerges from the editorial poll, with the votes that were distributed in an incredibly even way on different titles, even if we are still able to draw up a ranking, albeit with very minimal distances. At the end of the day, the most anticipated game of July 2021 for the editors of It results to be The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD, which outstrips the other lead candidate, The Ascent, by just one vote. The remastered version of the Zelda chapter originally released on Wii U doesn’t really have the appeal of an original release in the series, perhaps not even the other chapters in the Legend of Link, but it’s still Zelda and the fact that it’s also a chapter perhaps less played than others makes it particularly attractive, beyond the technical improvements applied on Nintendo Switch.

A Plague Tale: Innocence lands on the next gen with a remastered version

As we said, in second position but practically paired there is The Ascent, which is one of the most interesting news of this summer in general and a title not to be missed for all those who have an Xbox Game Pass subscription, given the launch at day one on the service. It is an action RPG with twin stick shooter-style mechanics, characterized by a fascinating cyberpunk setting and which seems particularly detailed and well built, despite being the result of a rather modest-sized indie team in its debut, although made up of veterans.

In third position, the remastered edition of A Plague Tale: Innocence closes the podium, having remained the Asobo title evidently in the hearts of several editors. Immediately below the podium we find Little Devil Inside, whose case is still rather strange because the release does not seem confirmed yet, with Neo: The World Ends with You to follow.

The most awaited by readers

Even the poll released to the readers it demonstrates a remarkable variety of choices, even if to tell the truth the most voted option turns out to be “None”, as often happens when the big name of appeal capable of attracting general attention is missing. However, if we go to see the title that obtained the majority of the votes, the most anticipated game of July 2021 turns out to be The Ascent for the readers of the site, who therefore demonstrate that they also appreciate games that are rather outside the standard schemes, given its particularities.

However, it is almost a head-to-head with the runner-up, who comes to only one percentage point of difference and it is Microsoft Flight Simulator, in the Xbox Series X | S version. The spectacular aerial simulation of Asobo and Microsoft remains a paradigm of technology applied to video games, although it is not exactly a typical console game, however the curiosity to try it outside the PC is really great.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is also coming to Xbox Series X | S soon

Microsoft Flight Simulator is also coming to Xbox Series X | S soon

In third position we find Little Devil Inside: the third-person action adventure, with a fascinating characterization, should arrive in the course of July but in fact its release has not yet been confirmed, so we are waiting for further explanations with the game which, however, continues to be particularly awaited.

Below the podium, the gap is considerable and sees an equal merit between three games that have collected the same amount of votes, actually not many compared to those put together by the first three: this is The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD, the remastered re-edition of the Wii U game on Nintendo Switch, F1 2021, or the new chapter of the official simulation of the top car championship by Codemasters and Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, the spin-off action game from the Capcom series for Nintendo Switch.

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