Women who have children because they are interested in money, the furious ex Clelia accuses him

Mario Balotelli posted a rant on Instagram in which he pointed the finger at women who use men as ATMs. The footballer hoped that the law would one day punish them. After his post, the response from Clelia, mother of the little Lion, arrived. The woman has made heavy accusations against Balotelli.

Mario Balotelli posted a tough outburst in Instagram Stories. The footballer has pointed the finger at women who, according to him, would use men as ATMs. He believes that some people go so far as to become mothers, in order not to find a job and extort money from the father of their children. Although Balotelli has not addressed any particular woman, the reaction of his ex-partner has arrived Clelia, mother of the child Lion. But let’s go in order.

Mario Balotelli’s outburst

Mario Balotelli, in the Instagram Stories, invoked the law against women interested only in money. Find it an attitude “evil, sad and immoral“, that even if he is not punished by the law, then he will be punished by God. His words were:

“The law should prevent women who are only interested in money (the footballer uses the word gold digger, therefore dowry hunter, social climber or literally gold digger, ed) from having children against the will of men only to obtain the advantage of money. It is diabolical, sad and immoral. Family is born of love and not out of convenience. If you are single, you are having fun and cannot provide for yourself, do not use third parties as if they were an ATM but find a I work before I have children. Even if sometimes the law is not right, God is and the punishment will eventually be eternal. “

As you can see from the photo below, Balotelli did not refer to any particular person.

The answer of the ex-girlfriend Clelia

Mario Balotelli has two children: Pia, born from the relationship with Raffaella Fico and Lion, born from the relationship with the model Clelia. And it is the latter who felt called into dance by the outburst of her former partner. The woman, in fact, reported Balotelli’s words in her Instagram Stories and replied by tagging him: “I am a victim physically and mentally of him … And he never stops, he never respects mothers. The only thing it does is lie“. Then he posted a photo with the little Lion and explained that he will do everything to protect him:”Lion and I, I’ll do everything for you. I love you“. Very serious accusations to which Mario Balotelli has not yet replied to.


Women children interested money furious Clelia accuses

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