the “erotic” post upsets the web

Euro 2020 it started last June 11, a month has passed since its inception. A very long period, especially if you are the wife of a player involved in a national team that has reached the final. And if the members of the French delegation, more or less a fortnight ago, complained of no longer being able to resist without giving “vent” to their sexual impulses, let alone what must be the mood of Italians, English … and their companions.

30-odd days: Martina Maccari’s post

Martina Maccari, wife of Leonardo Bonucci very active on social media, she tackled the problem without going around it too much. With a story on her very popular Instagram profile, she candidly admitted that she could not take it anymore and anxiously await her husband’s return from the hardships of the continent. “Day 30 and up. now even the crumb of bread is erotic ”, the melancholy message spread on social media by the beautiful Martina.

No sex at Europeans: Covid has to do with it

Abstinence for players or athletes involved in international competitions is an old question. The Dutch, at the time of the German World Cup, did not have too many problems. On the other hand, the retreats of the “Latin” national teams were almost monastic, with the coaches often engaged in real patrols to check that all the players were in their beds. TO Euro 2020, however, the need to keep wives and husbands, boyfriends and girlfriends away is imposed by the strict health protocols linked to Covid-19. All insulated in the bubble to prevent the risk of possible infection. And… breadcrumbs that become erotic mirages, as in the case of lady Bonucci.

Lady Bonucci: the solidarity of the web

So many messages of comfort for Martina Maccari from the people of the web. “Come on Marty, it’s close by”, writes a fan. “Hold on, then we all hope you can celebrate big,” is another encouragement. But someone is treacherous. “Now I understand why the previous ones World Cup we went out in the first round or we didn’t quite qualify ”, a malicious conspiracy user. Another takes out a statement from his wife’s Dear 1982 World Cup: “When I get home, the second thing I do is put my bags down.” And there are many to speculate: “From tomorrow I expect many sets of Youporn in the homes of national team players “.

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erotic post upsets web

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