The French madness against the Azzurri: “Not even a black in the team, racists”

The French madness against the Azzurri: “Not even a black in the team, racists”
The French madness against the Azzurri: “Not even a black in the team, racists”

The controversy for Italy’s victory at Eurovision was not enough. The French do not give up and now they are also attacking the national football team. The reason? In the squad of 26 called up by coach Mancini there is not even a black player. A scandal for the fans from across the Alps, who accused him on Twitter Azzurri and all the technical staff to be racist with tones beyond all logic.

The French madness has been unleashed in the past few hours and has overwhelmed the national team and all its supporters with a wave of surreal hatred. The photos of the Azzurri in uniform have been published on all the social channels of the national team and also on the French page of Twitter. And it is precisely through the international account that squalid comments from fans across the Alps rained down. All because among the twenty-six called up there would not even be a black player.

Under the photo of the Italian players, in the new uniform that made our fans smile so much, the unspeakable was unleashed. If some spoke only of “non-inclusiveness”, many have offended Italy and its fans by giving us gods racists and even quoting the Ku Klux Clan: “Mussolini would be proud “,” But you are not as inclusive as the French team with blacks! “,” Racist Italians “,” A team of whites? It’s the Ku Klux Clan team. “ It’s still: “Zero blacks, that’s crazy”, “Racist slap“.

All offenses free French, however, opposed the annoyed replies of many Italian fans, who returned the insults to the sender: “Strange to see so many whites. When other nations don’t consider any white, we don’t call them racists “,” Surprisingly, when an African team is all black, no one shouts racism “,” The French said they didn’t even have a white French in pink.“. And someone has dropped the ace of irony:”The French attack us because the squad of Mancini for the Europeans are all white: “Razzisti!”. As soon as they realize that there is not even a woman, it is the end“. But if the French speak, the Azzurri (and the Italians to support them) are ready to demonstrate their skills on the pitch by playing football while awaiting the debut on Friday 11th against Turkey at 9 pm.


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