Correa-Day, the first day in Milan for the new Inter forward

Correa-Day, the first day in Milan for the new Inter forward
Correa-Day, the first day in Milan for the new Inter forward

The striker now ex Lazio protagonist of this day. Tomorrow he is expected in Appiano Gentile

Busy day for Joaquin Correa, who once obtained the green light from Lazio boarded a Rome-Milan flight and landed at Linate airport at 5.30 pm. Then medical examinations at Humanitas and sports fitness at Coni, and then concluding the evening at dinner with the Inter management. Tomorrow the Argentine will go to the Suning Training Center to hug the coach again Simone Inzaghi and be at his disposal in view of the away match in Verona.

Here are the most important events of the Correa-Day.

23.30 – Dinner at the Gaucho restaurant of the Sheraton ended. The executives each left the place with their own car while Correa and the agent Lucci remained in the facility.

21.25 – A little while ago, at the Sheraton, the dinner between Joaquin Correa, his agent Alessandro Lucci and Inter executives Beppe Marotta, Piero Ausilio, Dario Baccin and Angelo Capellini.

22.19 – As it relates, tomorrow will be the day of Correa’s signing with Inter: everything will take place in Appiano Gentile, where morning training is scheduled for the Nerazzurri team before leaving for Verona. Compatibly with the bureaucratic aspects, Simone Inzaghi’s hope is to have Tucu available for the second day of the championship against Hellas.

21.12 – Complete the medical examinations, Joaquin Correa arrived at the Sheraton Milan San Siro, where he will be staying tonight at the end of his short but intense day in Milan. Before entering the structure near the Scala del Calcio, the Tucu he answered with a ‘yes’ to a fan who asked him if he was happy to be at Inter

20.39 – After completing the medical examinations at Coni, Correa left the facility to greet the fans present, giving them lots of smiles and some selfies. Someone asked the Tucu to bring the second star.

19.23 – After the first part of medical examinations at Humanitas, Correa arrived at Coni to obtain eligibility. The Argentine striker is forging ahead to become a new Inter player immediately

19.05 – Correa underwent medical examinations at Humanitas, now – as reported by our correspondent – he is expected a few minutes at Coni for eligibility.

17.43 – Joaquin Correa, betrothed striker of‘Inter, he landed shortly before 6pm at the Milan-Linate airport, where his agent Alessandro Lucci was also waiting for him. Now, the process for the Tucu foresees the usual medical examinations in the next few hours between Humanitas and Coni, the signature and the announcement, in time – hopes Simone Inzaghi – to be called up for Friday night’s match against Hellas Verona.

From the correspondent Egle Patanè

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