Acqua Dolomia official sponsor of Virtus Bologna

Acqua Dolomia official sponsor of Virtus Bologna
Acqua Dolomia official sponsor of Virtus Bologna
More and more realities in the world of Italian sport are choosing to have Dolomia Water at their side, which is increasingly affirming itself as “the water of sportsmen”. The main secret lies in the Dolomites, a precious rock casket from which Dolomia water flows after having absorbed the most noble minerals in the right quantity, which make it naturally unique. The considerable amount of dissolved oxygen, with a value equal to 10.7 mg / l, one of the highest ever in the mineral water market, induces a general improvement in body well-being and on many organs of the human body. But not only: thanks to the particular concentration of good mineral salts such as calcium and magnesium, it is ideal for maintaining the hydro-salt balance in athletes engaged in endurance and fatigue sports. The high concentration of bicarbonate is the best natural adjuvant to counteract the formation of lactic acid produced by sports activity.

In these first months of 2021, Sorgente Valcimoliana, a company from Cimolais (PN) known worldwide with its Acqua Dolomia brand, was able to make important new agreements and is today pleased to present a new collaboration that will bring the brand and the product from Friuli Venezia Giulia to Emilia Romagna and in particular to Bologna.

Until the end of the 2021 competitive season, Acqua Dolomia will be the Official Sponsor of Virtus Pallacanestro Bologna.

Virtus Pallacanestro Bologna is one of the most glorious and historic clubs of Italian basketball. In his showcase 15 Italian titles, 8 Italian Cups and a Super Cup shine, and on the international field he has triumphed in two editions of the Euroleague, in 1998 and 2001, in the Cup Winners’ Cup in 1990, in the Eurochallenge in 2009 and in the Basketball Champions League. in 2019. Acqua Dolomia will now be present on the sidelines during the matches played at home, in the spectacular Virtus Segafredo Arena, in Hall 30 of the Bologna Fair and will be alongside the players of the first team in their constant commitment to training and match.

“It is a great pleasure to welcome Acqua Dolomia to the V Nera partner family– says Luca Baraldi, CEO of Virtus Pallacanestro Bologna – we are proud of this new collaboration. A new chapter of an important partnership opens and we are confident that together we will be able to develop an important path of growth from now on “

“We are firmly convinced that supporting Italian sport is a valuable choice, especially in this delicate historical moment. The quality and protected origin of our water and its unique characteristics in the world make it a winning ally for athletes who strive day after day by giving their best physically and mentally.says the CEO of Sorgente Valcimoliana, Gilberto Zaina – Being alongside a historic and winning team like Virtus is a source of pride and satisfaction for us. “


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