Gosens and Ronaldo’s no

An exchange of shirts that never took place, but that Robin Gosens he will never forget: the story told by the Atalanta player in his autobiography, “Worth dreaming”, to be released next Thursday, and anticipated by Sportmediaset. Gosens reveals when he asked for the shirt a Cristiano Ronaldo after a match between Atalanta and Juventus, and it didn’t go exactly as he hoped.

Gosens-Ronaldo, the background of the shirt

“After the match against Juventus, I tried to make my dream of having Ronaldo’s shirt come true. After the final whistle I went to him, I didn’t even go to the audience to celebrate … but Ronaldo didn’t accept. asked: ‘Cristiano, can I have your shirt? He didn’t even look at me, he just said, ‘No!’ “.

Gosens-Ronaldo, bad time

“I was completely blushed and ashamed. I went away and felt small. You know that moment when something embarrassing happens and you look around to see if anyone noticed it? That’s what I felt and tried to hide it “.


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