MotoGP | GP Doha 2021, Race: Quartararo bends Zarco and Martin – Live

MotoGP | GP Doha 2021, Race: Quartararo bends Zarco and Martin – Live
MotoGP | GP Doha 2021, Race: Quartararo bends Zarco and Martin – Live

[MotoGP] – Good evening dear readers of, Happy Easter and welcome back with the appointment dedicated to the direct text of the Doha 2021 Grand Prix, second race of the MotoGP world championship.

Session ended relive it with our minute by minute news

21.45 – As for the news of the Doha Grand Prix of the MotoGP class, that’s all, thanks for being with us and good continuation of the evening with Good pasquetta.

21.40 – All the joy of Martin, on the podium at the second MotoGP race.

21.30 – Mir believes that Miller’s maneuver was intentional and therefore deserves a penalty.

MotoGP | Mir attacks Miller: “A super dangerous maneuver”

21.15 – Zarco, the new leader of the World Cup, is ready to play the ant following the example of Mir.

MotoGP | Zarco: “I wouldn’t mind winning the ‘Mir’ title”

21.10 – Valentino Rossi analyzed a difficult weekend in this way.

MotoGP | Rossi: “I was expecting the top-10”

21.00 – Fabio Quartararo redeemed himself in a great way, confirming the victory for Yamaha in Qatar after that of Maverick Vinales.

MotoGP | Quartararo, the redemption: “Good at saving tires”

20.40 – This is Jack Miller’s opinion on contact with Joan Mir.

MotoGP | Miller and the contact with Mir: “I protected my trajectory”

20.20 – Mir’s manager criticized the Race Direction’s failure to intervene on the straight contact between the reigning champion and Jack Miller.

20.00 – The world ranking after two stages.

MotoGP riders’ world championship after Doha GP 2021

19.55 – These are the hot words of Quartararo, Zarco and Martin.

MotoGP | Top-3 Interviews Doha 2021: Quartararo, Zarco, Martin

19.53 – Fourth career win for Fabio Quartararo, who responded to Maverick Vinales’ victory last week. El Diablo expressed all his joy behind the visor.

19.50 – Less than nine seconds between the first and the fifteenth classified, it is the tightest race ever in the history of MotoGP. The top ten are packed in just over five seconds.

19.48 – Below is the order of arrival.

GP Doha 2021, order of arrival

19.45 – Quartararo wins in front of Zarco and Martin.

Checkered flag

Lap 23/23 – Start the last lap, along Vinales with RIns who is now fourth. It will be a fight between Martin and Zarco for the second position. Quartararo flies to victory.

Lap 22/23 – Zarco blocks all the doors in Vinales.

Lap 21/23 – Track limits warning for Vinales, who is still fourth behind Zarco and Martin, who is second and clinging to the tail of Quartararo who has the necessary advantage to resist on the straight.

Lap 20/23 – Quartararo passes Martin at the fourth corner and runs away, Vinales is trying to overtake the Ducati Pramacs without success, El Diablo is racing towards victory.


Lap 19/23 – On the straight Martin passes and is again the leader.

Lap 18/23 – The official Yamaha charge starts, Quartararo gets rid of Zarco and Martin in a few corners, tries to do the same Vinales.

Lap 18/23 – No penalties for Miller and Mir. The Australian tries to attack Quartararo for third position, but opens the side at the end of the straight at the Yamaha rider’s intersection.

Lap 17/23 – Along Bagnaia at the first corner, he collapses to seventh position. Quartararo is now third and striving on Zarco.

Lap 16/23 – Sixteen laps in command per hour for Jorge Martin with great authority.

Lap 16/23 – Pol Espargarò is bringing Binder and Bastianini back to the leading group.

Lap 15/23 – Miller and Mir are under investigation after the hull hits, Quartararo is climbing up the group and is fourth after overtaking Rins.

Lap 14/23 – Far west in the straight with a fairing between Miller and Mir, the group has reshuffled, Martin is ahead of Zarco, Bagnaia, Rins, Quartararo, Aleix Espargarò, Miller, Vinales and Mir.

Lap 13/23 – Front closure worrying for Rins, Bagnaia is now third after overtaking the Suzuki rider. Contact between Mir Miller, the Australian is forced to widen leaving fifth place to the defending champion.

Round 12/23 – We have reached the middle of the race, the first nine are compact, the victory and the podium will be played by Martin, Zarco, Rins, Bagnaia, Miller, Mir, Aleix Espargarò, Quartararo and Vinales. The fastest driver on the track is Enea Bastianini who is 13th after overtaking Morbidelli.

Lap 11/23 – Aleix Espargarò’s mistake at the last corner, a critical point, because on the straight he lost his position over Bagnaia, Miller and Mir. Now it is the factory Yamahas to undermine the Aprilia rider.

Lap 10/23 – Ducati continues to dictate the law on the straight, with Zarco again second overtaking Rins. At the moment the top nine from Martin to Vinales are very close.

Round 9/23 – We are moving towards the middle of the race, Morbidelli is 12th, Bastianini 14th.


Lap 8/23 – Rins takes second place on Zarco, Bagnaia press Aleix Espargarò for fourth position.

Lap 8/23 – Bagnaia is fifth now after overtaking Mir on the straight.

Lap 7/23 – The Ducati and Yamaha officers are moving: Bagnaia, Miller, Quartararo and Vinales are from sixth to ninth position after overtaking on Oliveira and target the top five.

Lap 7/23 – Zarco takes second place on the straight against Rins.

Round 6/23 – Rins is looking for gates to take the lead in the race, three blues close the squad, Petrucci twentieth, Rossi twenty-first and Savadori 22nd.

Round 6/23 – This is the top-10: Martin, Rins, Zarco, Aleix Espargarò, Mir, Oliveira, Miller, Bagnaia, Quartararo and Vinales.

Lap 5/23 – Quick response from the Frenchman on Rins’ Suzuki at the end of the straight, the fight between the two continues in T1, but the Spaniard definitely wins at the hairpin.

Round 4/23 – Rins passes Zarco and is second in Martin’s wake.

Round 4/23 – This is the top-15.


Round 3/23 – Aleix Espargarò tried to take Aprilia to second position, but he climbed fourth, opening his side also to Alex Rins.

Round 2/23 – Sparks between Quartararo and Mir at the hairpin, bad entry of the reigning champion who maintains the sixth position, while the Frenchman also lost his position on the official Ducati of Miller and Bagnaia.

Round 2/23 – The Suzukis devour Oliveira in the mixed, but the Portuguese responds to Mir at the end of the straight.

Round 1/23 – Complicated start for Vinales, ninth, and Bagnaia, even eleventh.

Round 1/23 – Martin maintains leadership over Zarco, Aleix Espargarò, Oliveira, Rins and Mir.


19.00 – The starting grid is recomposed, in a few moments the traffic lights will go off and the race will start.

18.57 – The deployment round begins.

18.55 – The drivers are about to leave the starting grid to make the reconnaissance lap.

18.50 – As always, the start will play an important role in the development of the race. The four Ducatis will most likely be in command as they did seven days ago, to be determined in what order and if the factory Yamahas and Joan Mir will be able to join the train right away without wasting time. Aleix Espargarò’s Aprilia is also to be followed, ready to confirm the excellent impressions of this start of the season.

18.45 – The choice of tires sees the four KTMs mount the average at the front. All the other participants opted for the pair of soft tires.

18.40 – Will the official Ducatis also be beaten in the race by those entrusted to the satellite structure? Team manager Francesco Guidotti explained why all the drivers at Pramac manage to excel.

MotoGP | Guidotti: “Here Ducati adapts to multiple styles”

18.30 – Johann Zarco was the fastest in the warm-up.

GP Doha 2021 – Risultati Warm Up

18.20 – Let’s recap the starting grid: rookie Jorge Martin will start in pole position.

GP Doha 2021, the starting grid

18.10 – In Moto2, on the other hand, a splendid encore for the British Lowes

Moto2 | GP Doha 2021, Race: Lowes folds Gardner again

18.05 – A review of what happened on Easter afternoon in Doha. These are the emotions of the Moto3 race, won by an extraordinary Acosta.

Moto3 | Doha, race: Acosta miracle from the pit lane

18.00 – One hour to the start of the second MotoGP race of 2021. After the excitement of Moto3 and Moto2, now is the time to follow the premier class.

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