Turin, the fate of Belotti linked to another striker: this is where it will go

It will be the waltz of the tips to animate the next session of the summer transfer market and in Serie A the hot names are always the same. Starting with the fate of Dusan Vlahovic which is closely related to that of Andrea Belotti. Because both will change shirts in the summer, despite a contract expiring only in 2022 and one could leave room for the other.

The Serbian continues to score and convince, the current valuation of Fiorentina which starts at 40 million may not be enough and this perhaps reduces the squad of suitors. In the lead there would be Milan but in addition to a certain amount they do not want to go and the same goes for Roma. So Atletico Madrid is ready to join and can invest that money instead. Incidentally, it is also the same teams that have targeted the Rooster. And so, once Vlahovic has been placed, the attack on the captain of Toro will start.



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