Milan: goodbye to the scudetto dream, Pioli uses the ‘stick’ for the Champions League. The apologies are over for everyone, even for Ibra | First page

Milan: goodbye to the scudetto dream, Pioli uses the ‘stick’ for the Champions League. The apologies are over for everyone, even for Ibra | First page
Milan: goodbye to the scudetto dream, Pioli uses the ‘stick’ for the Champions League. The apologies are over for everyone, even for Ibra | First page

Worse than that, the final rush of the Milan championship could not begin. The draw against Sampdoria has all the semblances of a defeat. Defeat avoided only by a blow of class of the protagonist who was just not expected, Hauge, the only Rossoneri who benefited from the national team break. So let’s start from the only happy note of the pre-Easter Saturday of S. Siro. Despite the dark period in Milan, the Norwegian coach still called the young forward to understand more and tested him for 45 minutes against Gibraltar. Hauge’s performance and attitude didn’t go down well with Solbakken who beat him at the press conference criticizing his spirit and physical condition. After that he put him under to work hard during the training camp in Marbella and Hauge just watched his teammates from the bench in the other two games against Turkey and Montenegro. Solbakken’s metaphorical “stick” immediately benefited the Norwegian talent that in fact against Sampdoria showed off those qualities that seemed already lost. With young people the “stick” often works. More and better than carrot.It is surprising that Pioli on the eve of the game had spoken of Hauge “in physiological decline” and of Theo Hernandez “regenerated after two weeks of work in Milanello”. The match against Sampdoria said the exact opposite. The Frenchman was paved in the first half in his lane and then presented himself in Santa Claus version in the second half when he assisted the incredulous Quagliarella for the Sampdoria goal. On the other hand, the Norwegian jewel avoided Pioli and company from spending an Easter “of passion”.

Sorry to say, but the coach’s pre-match analysis and the approach with which Milan took the field at 12.30 showed that the resumption of the championship was handled very badly at Milanello. No one has instilled in the players the importance of the match against Ranier’s teamthe. So much so that people like Calhanoglu who had given the maximum in the matches of the National team, found herself in S. Siro with the spirit of the end-of-season picnic. After years of commenting on the players who “snubbed” their respective national teams to give priority to the various clubs, this time AC Milan experienced the opposite phenomenon.

And, once again, not surprisingly, it was Ibra who paved the way. As usual, the others followed suit. After 3 months full of injuries, Sanremo and renewal requests, Ibra has dedicated all of himself to returning to the Swedish national team. He came back fatigued, as is logical at almost 40 years of age and after yet another injury. In the field against Sampdoria it was immediately clear that he was not the usual driver and in fact he was unable to instill in the team the obsession of “victory at all costs”.Pioli adapted by starting Castillejo in place of Rebic and testing Saelemakers full-back, almost as if the victory against the Sampdoria were a mere formality. The result was a colorless performance in which Milan never shot on goal for 82 minutes and struggled to equalize, despite the numerical superiority. Very serious lightness like those of Hernandez (and luckily he had regenerated …) happen when concentration and motivation are seriously lacking. Given that the scudetto dream is definitively over, it will be good for Milanello to quickly change attitudes and reconnect the plug, instead of thinking about renewals, departures, Europeans and market movements. Since the group is made up mostly of young people, it will be good to pull out the “stick” just like Solbakken did in Spain with Hauge. If Milan want to be sure to enter the top 4, the pampering, the apologies and the excuses must end here. Immediately. For everyone. Also for Ibra.

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