MotoGP 2021, Qatar GP / 2: Here is the solution for Moto3 – MotoGP

MotoGP 2021, Qatar GP / 2: Here is the solution for Moto3 – MotoGP
MotoGP 2021, Qatar GP / 2: Here is the solution for Moto3 – MotoGP

Today, at 4 pm, seven drivers of the Moto3 they will start from the pit lane, complete with lineup painted in a hurry in the pit lane. A solution that leaves a little perplexing, could be dangerous, even if there are precise rules that say that the drivers will not be able to overtake before the end of the continuous line that delimits the track from the pit lane.

It’s clear that we are trying in every way to find a solution that does not seem to exist, because in Moto3, if you ride alone, you can also lose a second on the straight. And it is normal that no one wants to lose it. However, at the same time, seeing these scenes in the pits, the drivers entering the track all together, with the paradox that often they cannot even make a tight lap, because they pass the finish line when the checkered flag is already waving.

The solution, according to many, should be the super pole and the same Loris Capirossi, one of the three members of the race management, had let me know last year that it would be introduced for 2021. That was not the case. But even with the super pole the problem would remain of the pilots who mark themselves in the final minutes of each FP round to enter Q2 directly. So what solution? I try to make my proposal.

FP1, FP2, FP3 “free”

Now, FP1, FP2 and FP3 determine, as we know, direct access to Q2: the first 14 of the classification go directly to the decisive 15 minutes timed. So, inevitably, the last minutes turn into real qualifications, with all that goes with it.

So, let’s make sure that FP1, FP2 and FP3 do not count for anything for the purposes of the ranking, they are free trials in all respects, the final time does not affect the GP in any way. The drivers can thus concentrate on preparing for the race, without worrying about the position in the standings.

Q1 and Q2: at least 10 minutes on the track

All the drivers then go to Q1, with a scheme like the one used in F1: the first 18 at the end of the 15 minutes of Q1 move to Q2 and the pole is played in the final 15 minutes. To prevent the drivers from playing the usual qualifying games, I would like the drivers to have a minimum time limit for their stay on the track, unless, of course, of a crash or technical problems.

Let’s say that each driver should run for at least 10 of the 15 minutes (on the time limit, of course you can think about what the right time may be), or impose a maximum remaining time in the pits (it’s the same thing, seen only by a other perspective). The objection is that in Moto3 tires wear out quickly and you should run with the tank with more fuel than usual. And I say: who cares, at the limit it will go slower.

I believe that, by doing so, the shameful waiting in the pits and on the track would be eliminated. Of course, trains can always be formed, there will always be those who attach themselves to the hook, but much less than now and in a non-annoying way.

This is my proposal. What do you think?

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