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the crisis overwhelms Italian football

the crisis overwhelms Italian football
the crisis overwhelms Italian football

The Juventus club has asked for the postponement of four months to its members. The crisis also arrives in Serie A.

Juventus (Adobe)

The A league is officially in crisis. The pandemic also affected those who, as in this case, seemed to always sail and anyway, anyway, in gold. There Juventus, in fact, confirming the difficulty shown also in the past months, he asked his members to postpone Ben quattro monthly salary. The reason would be, according to rumors, due to the crisis resulting from the pandemic that does not stop create enormous difficulties in every sector.

Juventus, as well as others society, therefore, like many other companies, in the most varied sectors of the economy, pays scotto of the crisis. Certainly the players will not like this delay, even if we are talking about salaries with many zeros. The society black and white, in short, take advantage of the period of deep crisis, to gradually moderate the outgoings and hope for better management exercises. The situation, in conclusion, it doesn’t look positive at all.

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Juventus does not pay salaries: economic crisis and results

Bianconeri protagonists of a crisis that also enters the economic sphere as well as occupying that of results. There Juventus certainly does not live its best season. Away from the first place, out of the Champions League in the round of 16, eliminated by the Portuguese of Porto, the team does not seem to have benefited from the new project technician, who has been on the team bench since the beginning of the year black and white, the former footballer Andrea Pirlo.

It rains on wet, in short, at Juventus. The technical project practically failed, and an economic crisis that sees the company forced to postpone the payment of salaries to their own registered. Nothing positive in recent months. There society runs for cover so as not to risk the abyss.

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The A league in full crisis, the pandemic also affects wealthy societies led by entrepreneurs for nothing in bill, at least so it might seem.

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