Juventus, Church never tamed. What happens to Kulusevski?

In the derby, which ended in a draw, the two faces of Juve: the aggressive but short-lived one and the confused one that then condemned the team to a tiring comeback

The good and the bad of the derby are they: Federico Chiesa and Dejan Kulusevski, protagonists for better or for worse, among the bianconeri, of the derby of the Mole number 202. The one who nailed Juve with European ambitions to a crippling 2-2, but above all he has (once again) zoomed in on the Juventus faults of these times, confirming that the exit from the tunnel is still to be reached.

Church, tiger eyes

Yet the start was good: the first 13 minutes were the best of the last few months at least, with a Juve entering the field with a knife between his teeth and a concentration of a thousand. The symbol of this illusion of a new Juve was Chiesa: a couple of shots were enough during the pre-match warm-up to see the tiger eyes of the young Juventus player. An impression immediately confirmed by the pitch, where it resulted in two occasions in two minutes, in the opening bars: first he missed the last touch on a backward header from Ronaldo, then he called Sirigu to a great rebound. Until you get to the goal that sealed the great Juventus start: it is 13 ‘, Chiesa wedges himself in the area by bending his shoulders in a pace that is characteristic of him, he goes away with arrogance even in … heart towards the stands. for him it is the eighth goal in the league, the twelfth with Juve in all competitions, of which 10 in 2021.

Kulu: so much potential, little soul

Then Juve slows down, now they walk now they find themselves a breath of pride, but they have already given the best, at least at the collective level. And here comes the other side of the team, the one that has its symbol in Kulusevski: enormous potential, but little soul and little yield. So much so that the Gazzetta indicates him as the worst in the field (grade 4). Since Morata’s return, and therefore also in the derby, the Swede has found space from outside the midfield. But for him only so much going around in circles, he who in the race has one of his main qualities, no illuminating passage, no winning flash in one against one but so much confusion, in the legs and in the head. And, in addition, a macroscopic error a few seconds from the start of the second half: back pass-assist for Sanabria and Toro advantage. With Pirlo who at the end of the match will recite the by now usual rosary of problems related to concentration, movement between the lines, and the predictability of the Juventus game.

April 4 – 11:59 am



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