Tennis, Sinner in Miami seeks first major success in career

At 7 pm the final against the Polish Hurkacz. The blue is charged: “Hubert and I are friends, but only one wins in tennis”. Without the ranking blocked for Covid, the blue would be n. 9

There are moments that flow and possess the vital breath of history. Because they mark a passage, the manifestation of something that has never been seen before. When the almanacs retrace Sinner’s golden career, because it will happen, the game saved against Bautista at 3-3 of the second set from 0-40 below and the final one of the triumph, wet by 4 winners, one more wonderful than the other, will be remembered as the epiphany of a champion, the beginning of an era marked by the fiery red of Jannik’s hair and his extraordinary talent.

Heavy comparisons

And the judgment would not change even if tonight at 7 pm, while the Italians will be grappling with the after-effects of the Easter revels, he were to lose the final in Miami against the Polish Hurkacz, Rublev’s executioner at the head of a game of great substance. Because a nineteen year old with his mental strength, his complete vision of all the phases of the match, his idiosyncrasy to defeat, is a rare pearl, and in fact uncomfortable bulky comparisons, from Agassi to Djokovic passing through Nadal, the other terrible teenagers. Combinations that, however, do not affect him: “Beautiful. But I’m 19 and this final doesn’t mean anything, there’s a long process to get to what those three did ”. Meanwhile, he set out, with a philosophy that descends directly, even in words, from Rafa’s warrior spirit: “When you are under 0-40, you don’t necessarily have to lose the game, even if you don’t want to find yourself. in that condition. In any case, being under a break means nothing. The challenge is certainly not over ”. The same concepts that the Majorcan satanassus repeats like a mantra for three decades, and that have made him immortal. But there is more, as Bautista recalled after the defeat: “Jannik puts something special into it in difficult moments”. Close your eyes and it will seem like he is talking about Djokovic.

Dear Hubi

After all, without the freezing of the ranking, the prodigy of Sesto Pusteria would be the ninth player in the world at the moment. Fabulous. An impressive progression from the number 73 a year ago, when tennis closed 5 months due to a pandemic. Since returning to play in August, Jannik has won 30 games, 2 tournaments and played for the first time in the quarterfinals of a Grand Slam in Paris. But the head doesn’t turn, on the contrary: “Every year that passes I am a different player, and in a year I will still be another player, I hope, because I would not like to stop here as a level. But I’m not in a hurry, the road is very long. It doesn’t mean anything to have a final here. Of course, in all the tournaments I play I think I can go far, but sometimes it’s good, sometimes not. ” Understatement as a reason for life and tennis, a characteristic that unites him with today’s rival. Federer said of Hurkacz, for example, that he is the calmest and sweetest guy on the circuit. Obviously, between two similar characters, the spark of some double played together was enough to cement a true relationship: “Hubert is a very good person, perhaps the best friend I have on the circuit – recognizes Sinner – sometimes we train together, even in the locker room every we talk a lot. Of course, there will be no room for friendship in the final. In this sport there is only one winner ”. The lanky Hubi has come a long way (the surname is too complicated for everyone) since he performed without infamy and without praise at the Next Gen Finals in 2018. Meanwhile he changed coach, choosing Craig Boynton, the former Courier mentor, and followed him to Florida. And then he worked hard on his legs, to make a body that touches 2 meters more elastic and less woody. But the turning point came with the change in diet and the conversion to veganism: “When I tried, I started to feel better and with more energy, so I chose to continue like this. I also like Indian and Thai cuisine, I love strawberries and not sweets, although I really like ice cream … but it offers many vegan options ”. The genetic heritage lent itself to competition, with his grandfather volleyball player and his mother Zofia a good junior tennis player: she was the one who put a racket in his hand at the age of 5. Humbert actually had a preference for basketball and motorsport, but then he was struck by Federer. And so, with a work ethic bordering on ferocity and very few concessions to social media (he has less than 20,000 followers on Twitter), in the week in Miami he beat in series Shapovalov, Raonic, Tsitsipas and Rublev: “With Jannik I have a nice report off the pitch, it will be fun to find him on the other side ”. The revolution has just begun.

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