Augmented Reality will change the way people work in F1

Augmented Reality will change the way people work in F1
Augmented Reality will change the way people work in F1
Mercedes plans to take advantage of its Formula 1 rivals by using augmented reality to improve communication between the factory and the track.

The world champion team has revealed that they want to take advantage of the new sponsor Teamviewer to explore what opportunities there may be in adopting Augmented Reality technology.

TeamViewer, a global software company, is the third most generous sponsor of the Mercedes team which has a “portfolio” of $ 300 million: the structure works with many partners to provide augmented reality solutions.

In the Brackley team they are convinced that there is a space to introduce Augmented Reality by trying to speed up problem solving during a Grand Prix weekend, helping to speed up processes and reduce expenses in the era of the Budget cap.

In theory, it would be possible to reduce a part of the staff that follows the races, because the Augmented Reality systems will allow the specialized personnel who are at home to give live support to those who work on the track.

Toto Wolff, Mercedes team principal, was clear:
“Formula 1 is a sport that moves around the world. We believe that it is possible just like in the remote garage, the area of ​​the factory where there are about 30 engineers who monitor the car, or who work on the simulator and in the wind tunnel to improve performance on the track, inspect parts of the power unit or change by intervening remotely “.

“I think having remote access from the factory thanks to TeamViewer’s Augmented Reality opportunities will give us an advantage. We have discovered in the last twelve months what opportunities smart working can offer in reducing the effect of emissions. We should be able to bring fewer personnel to the track because, thanks to remote access, track engineers will have the same ability to operate from headquarters ”.

Oliver Steil, CEO of TeamViewer, confirms that Augmented Reality has been of great help in other sectors and, therefore, can offer great opportunities in F1.

“In the world of production, logistics, repairs, inspections and health tests, we offer solutions in which a worker wears special glasses from which he receives detailed instructions”.

“When a very, very complex inspection is performed on an aircraft engine, just to give an example, it is possible that a qualified engineer who works from home can intervene remotely to help solve the problem with the colleague who is physically on the part. “.

The world of Formula 1, therefore, could undergo important changes from Augmented Reality that will be gradually introduced in the Circus.

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