LIVE MN – Milan-Sampdoria (1-1): yet another braking, other points lost

LIVE MN – Milan-Sampdoria (1-1): yet another braking, other points lost
LIVE MN – Milan-Sampdoria (1-1): yet another braking, other points lost
A bad Milan still brakes in this difficult second round. Sampdoria plays an excellent game, finds the goal of advantage with Quagliarella (incredible naivety by Theo Hernandez) but then remains in ten men due to the expulsion of Silva. But the Rossoneri also struggled with the extra man and found a draw only in the final minutes with Hauge. Calhanoglu has a good chance shortly after, Kessie hits a post in recovery. But the Devil does not break through and loses other precious points in the Champions League. San Siro remains a taboo. It does not work this way.

95 ‘Final whistle: 1-1 at San Siro.

93′ AC Milan pole! Kessie kicks with the right but the ball hits the wood to Audero now beaten.

90′ There will be 5 minutes of recovery.

89′ Triple change for Sampdoria: Augello, Candreva and Damsgaard leave, Yoshida, Verre and Leris enter.

88′ Milan again: Calhanoglu tries from the edge, but Audero is good at deflecting. It was a good opportunity.

87 ‘GOAL OF MILAN! AC Milan restart and the ball in the area for Hauge, who moves him to the right and bags with a nice shot around.

84′ Change for Sampdoria: out of Quagliarella, Keita enters his place.

83′ Good opportunity for Rebic, served in the strait by Hauge: the Croatian touches on Audero outgoing, but the ball is too slow and Colley manages to save on the line.

82′ A really bad Milan today, without ideas, with little desire and little rhythm.

76′ Corner for Milan: ball inside, Sampdoria defense puts out.

75′ Corner for Milan: Calhanoglu’s cross, Toneli takes refuge again in the corner.

74′ Change for Milan: out of Castillejo, in his place Hauge.

73′ Yellow card for Candreva.

71′ Corner kick for Milan: Calhanoglu’s short cross, Augello anticipates everyone and sweeps away.

67′ A Milan without ideas. The Rossoneri have never shot on goal so far.

62′ Replacement for Sampdoria: Askildsen takes the place of Gabbiadini.

60′ Double change for Milan: Rebic and Tonali take the place of Krunic and Bennacer.

59′ Sampdoria in ten men: Silva, already warned, drowns Castillejo and gets expelled.

57′ GOAL OF SAMPDORIA! Clamorous mistake by Theo, who gives the ball to Quagliarella: the Sampdoria striker takes advantage of it and beats Donnarumma from distance.

55′ Corner kick for Sampdoria: cross in the middle and ball directly between Donnarumma’s gloves.

52′ Punishment from the left for Milan: Calhanoglu puts in the middle, free the defense of Sampdoria.

49′ Warning for Bennacer.

45′ Everything’s ready. Piccinini’s whistle: off we go! Possession of Sampdoria.

– Teams in the field for the recovery. A change in Milan: Kalulu takes the place of Saelemaekers.

Goals goalless at the end of the first half. Better, much better Sampdoria, who play the game for half an hour creating more than an apprehension of the Rossoneri defense (Donnarumma saves first on Gabbiadini and then on Thorsby). Pioli’s team is slow and predictable, with no ideas or qualities on the trocar and on the winger. The hosts grow in the last ten minutes (Piccinini flies over a doubt on Ibrahimovic in the Sampdoria area), but they never kick towards Audero’s goal. It will take a shot of a completely different depth to bring home the three points.

46′ End of the first half.

45′ Yellow card also for Silva.

44′ Yellow card for Saelemaekers, who clearly intervenes on the ball.

43′ Ibrahimovic is spread out in the area by Augello: it was a clear penalty, but Piccinini says no. Incredible!

41′ Corner for Milan: Calhanoglu’s cross, Augello knocks out.

39′ Thorsby is booked.

36′ What an effort for Milan! Pioli’s team fails to enter the game.

32′ Colley warning.

30′ Milan never dangerous in this first half hour.

26′ Free kick from the left for Sampdoria: cross in the middle and ball directly between Donnarumma’s gloves.

25′ Corner for Sampdoria: ball in the area, Theo Hernandez heads away.

24′ Punishment from the right for Sampdoria: cross in the middle, header by Thorsby and a great save by Donnarumma.

22′ Maneuvered action by Sampdoria, who then goes to the shooting with Augello: no problem for Donnarumma.

21′ Milan under rhythm and without ideas. Few emotions so far.

17′ Milan fails to create dangers for Sampdoria.

13′ At this stage, Sampdoria plays the game. Milan struggled to impose their game.

10′ Sampdoria is better in this start.

7′ Corner for Sampdoria: ball inside, Donnarumma moves away in quaclhe way.

6′ Sampdoria again: Gabbiadini’s left-footed shot and Donnarumma’s nice response, who lifts the ball over the crossbar.

5′ Corner kick for Sampdoria: cross in the middle, Kjaer heads away.

3′ Sampdoria tries to surprise and immediately put Milan in difficulty.

1′ Here we are. An eye on the stopwatch, then the whistle is Piccinini: let’s start! First ball of the match for Milan.

– The two teams enter the pitch. Classic AC Milan shirt, white shirt for Sampdoria.

Friends of welcome to San Siro. The Rossoneri face Sampdoria on the 29th matchday of the Serie A championship. Another crucial point of the season: there are very precious Champions points at stake. As always, thanks to our direct text, we will tell you all the emotions of this match, minute by minute, action after action, until the final whistle. Stay with us, therefore, to stay updated on the progress of the match.


MILAN: G. Donnarumma; Saelemaekers, Kjaer, Tomori, Hernandez; Bennacer, Kessie; Castillejo, Calhanoglu, Krunic; Ibrahimovic. Available: Tatarusanu, A. Donnarumma, Dalot, Kalulu, Gabbia, Tonali, Meite, Rebic, Hauge. All.: Pioli

SAMPDORIA: Audero; Bereszynski, Tonelli, Colley, Augello; Candreva, Thorsby, Silva, Damsgaard; Quagliarella, Gabbiadini. Available: Ravaglia, Letica, Ferrari, Regini, Leris, Verre, Jankto, Yoshida, Askildsen, Keita, Ramirez, La Gumina. All.: Ranieri

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