The possible end of the Donnarumma-Milan relationship will not be the end of the Raiola-Milan relationship: all scenarios, another goalkeeper has also been discussed. Haaland today costs 150 million euros: will anyone be able to change the BVB’s mind?

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In general, the last break before the final rush of the championships always brings with it big news of the transfer market. It allows several expiring players to announce their future before the last season break. This year it was not like that: few, practically no one, today manage to plan and actually move for the 2021/22 season and the reasons are the ones we have been repeating for a year. The only top club in Europe that managed to move something concrete was (once again) Leipzig, with the purchase of Simakan and the sale of Ibrahima Konate, who will go to Liverpool.

It has been two weeks in which everyone expected relevant news on the front Donnarumma, eg. But this was not the case and not because there were no further talks. Not because Milan did not reiterate its offer to renew the expiring contract even in this break even for one or two seasons: € 6.5 million plus bonuses. But because the positions have not changed: Milan, for him policy, will not be able to go beyond this figure and the request is already revealed in 2020: 10 million euros as a starting point for what is already today one of the best goalkeepers in the world and is a ’99 class. Contract expiring.

However, what was already known was reaffirmed. And if it is true that time is running out and that an accommodation will have to be found before the European Championship, it is equally true that today the only club that has actually moved for Donnarumma is … Milan. The Rossoneri goalkeeper knows he has two possible alternatives, but today neither Juventus nor Paris Saint-Germain have gone beyond the expression of interest. Not a little, but not even a definitive step. There are two different situations: the Juventus has made it known that it is willing to present an offer similar to the one that convinced De Ligt to accept the Bianconeri. But there is one condition: Szczesny must first be given up. And it is not a small condition. Above all, it is not a condition that rhymes quickly. The other club is the Paris Saint Germain, who has no such problems and wants a new number 1 for next season. For Leonardo the Milan goalkeeper represents a great opportunity: contacts on the agenda but even here, to date no official offer.

In this context, it is legitimate for Milan to continue to think that they are still in the running. To be able to win even with an offer lower than the expectations of his goalkeeper, but which at the moment is the only official. It is legitimate to continue to talk about this possibility with Raiola in a climate that is one in which everyone does their own interests, but not of open war. As instead depicted by several parts.
In fact, the dialogue is also moving forward on other fronts: that Ibrahimovic for example, whose new contract will soon be a reality and which Milan would like to join next year with a younger 9 and not Mario Mandzukic. It is in a phase of flat calm for Alessio Romagnoli, which did not ask for 6 million euros to renew, and also concerns possible arrivals. Maldini has in fact requested information for Marco Silvestri, Hellas goalkeeper expiring in 2022 who will entrust his interests to Raiola from the next transfer window. For now only a request for information (even more than Silvestri, Milan really likes Lovato of Hellas), but which certifies a relationship that will continue regardless of the outcome of the Donnarumma soap opera.

The other name at the center of the discussions is that of Erling Haaland. In an interview with ‘The Athletic’, Raiola dissolved his reservations by speaking of a player ready for any club as early as next season. But this summer, moving it will be more than problematic given the current conditions. On Thursday, in fact, Raiola’s Spanish catwalk was staged with Haaland’s father: first they met Barcelona, ​​then Real Madrid. To understand their plans, their intentions. Above all, to inform the two big names in Spain of the plans of the BVB, which today to sell Haaland is asking for double the release clause that will come into force in 2022, or 150 million euros.
Not impossible, but difficult for someone to come up with such an important offer already this summer. It is easier to try to convince Borussia Dortmund to accept today an offer of 100 million plus some technical compensation than to keep Haaland another year and then be sure to lose him in 2022 at 75 million euros. To date, the position of Zorc – sporting director of the gialloneri – is unshakable, and was also clear in the interview on Wednesday. Whoever succeeds (if anyone succeeds …) in the coming months to make him change his mind, will have an excellent chance of scoring one of the two great hits of the summer. The other could be Mbappé, but that’s another story.


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