“Knee on neck not necessary”

“Knee on neck not necessary”
“Knee on neck not necessary”
“The knee on the neck was a procedure absolutely not necessary. These words refer to the circumstances that led to the death of George Floyd, during a police arrest in Minneapolis.

Words that make particular noise because they are spoken by the responsible for the homicide section in Minneapolis, Richard Zimmerman, during his testimony at the trial for the killing of the man, dating back to last May 25.

The position of the policeman who kept his knee on Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes is aggravated, Dereck Chauvin.

“If you press a knee on someone’s neck you must know that you can kill them”,

Richard Zimmerman said in the courtroom.

George Floyd death: “Knee on neck unnecessary”

It was June last year when it spread like wildfire on the web and television video about 15 minutes showing George Floyd being arrested by the Minneapolis Police.

With chilling contents, it shows Floyd handcuffed and lying on the ground with the policeman’s knee pressed to his neck for over 8 minutes, with the words spoken by the man, “I can’t breathe”, become the slogan of the protests of the following days and months.

David Chauvin is the agent who resulted in Floyd’s death, accused of second degree murder.

Allegations that could mean up to 40 years in prison, in a position that is getting worse and worse precisely in the wake of the words spoken during the trial by the head of the homicide section of Minneapolis, Richard Zimmerman.

Zimmerman has in fact explicitly defined the knee on the neck as “An absolutely unnecessary procedure”, clarifying the traits of strong responsibility di Chauvin:

“Once a person is handcuffed their threat level drops dramatically, and keeping a person lying on their stomach and knee on their neck is a major obstacle to breathing. What an agent has to do is just put the person stopped to sit down, to try to calm him down and help him so that he is not as threatening as he might have been at the beginning ”.

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