The report cards of Cagliari – Cerri unhappy choice of Semplici. Nainggolan is unrecognizable

Cagliari-Hellas Verona 0-2
Markers: 54 ‘Cottage, 90’ + 9 Lasagna

Cragno 6 – Although the inertia of the match pushes Verona towards his goal, he is called to only one intervention in the first fraction: he flies on a left around the corner from Veloso, which does not cause him particular trouble. He lays down on Barak’s beautiful execution, so clinical as to justify his failure to intervene.

Rugani 6 – Although it is not transcendental in the management of defensive operations, it does not betray serious creaks in opposition to the initiatives of Verona. It limits errors to a minimum and at least does not lose the compass.

Godin 5,5 – He takes Rugani and Klavan by the hand in the buriana moments of the first fraction, and each of his interventions is calibrated, appropriate, but above all effective. But then he spoils his game with the not exactly reactive exit on Barak, who finds the one to zero.

Clan 5.5 – Although immune from carelessness that in such a moment would be inadmissible in the initial phase of the match, he conditions his afternoon with the body-check on Zaccagni which costs him a warning. From then on he has no more jokers to play. (From 62 ‘Pereiro 5.5 – You can’t see it after the entrance).

Zappa 5 – Semplici asks him for a ruthlessness on the right that he is unable to guarantee. The descents are sparse and ineffective, also because he is committed to defusing the continuous changes on that side between Dimarco and Lazovic.

Nandez 5.5 – The most appreciable disengagement of his game takes place when he slips to the right, acting provisionally as fifth in midfield. Why not deploy him there, then, considering Zappa’s hardships? Too little, however, to snatch the pass. (From 72 ‘Marin 6 – He has a great chance, but his right hisses the wood).

Duncan 5 – He hides in the convulsive traffic of the first fraction, resulting in the facts almost impalpable. The balance worsens with the light marking on Veloso, who has too much freedom in serving the assist to Barak. (From 82 ‘Pavoletti sv).

Nainggolan 5 – He too struggles and does not contribute as he would like. But in the difficulty he knows how to bring out other qualities, like when he rips centrally and sets up for Joao Pedro in the middle of the first half.

Lykogiannis 5,5 – Bringing the range forward is a grind, because Pharaohs growls non-stop and is a professor of the double phase. He tries a rebound left after a somewhat chaotic action, but the mirror is far from the direction of his serve. (From 62 ‘Asamoah 5.5 – Does not find ideas).

Joao Pedro 5.5 – Cerri floats all over the front but he is not a reliable shoulder, and he does not even give him those second balls that he knows how to turn into shiny gold. After a break by Nainggolan he engages Silvestri with a diagonal: on that occasion he is good at building the chance practically from nothing. Try not to give up, but he’s too isolated.

Cerri 5 – The choice to join him with Joao Pedro soon appears unhappy. He does not find a place, the three central Verona suffer also in physical duels, which should be the strong point of the house. (From 62 ‘Simeone 5.5 – A sure shot in front of goal, but the post stops him).

Leonardo Semplici 5 – A team that fails to pour the determination on the pitch that tries to transmit in vain. Betrayed by almost all individuals: salvation today is a little more complicated than before.


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