Germani crashed by Banks. Fortitudo 88-78 wins

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A losing streak poker very bitter what Germani achieves at the Unipol Arena in Bologna against Fortitudo. A race that remained in balance for just over twenty minutes until Adrian Banks (retouched the career high by 31 points scored with Brescia last season in the Brindisi jersey) and Tommaso Baldasso decide to enter high gears and run away .

The roars are not enough by Luca Vitali (who in the 26th minute scores the triple that is worth the 1,002 points scored in the Brescia jersey) and a newfound Brian Sacchetti to avoid defeat. Once again, Germani has to deal with the great disappointments that come inexorably. Coach Buscaglia repeatedly tried to shuffle the few cards chosen from the deck (Parrillo once again remained on the bench for the entire forty minutes and Bortolani employed only four rounds of hands) without finding any answers from his own. Brescia is then reached by Effe at 18 (only the goal difference is saved) in the standings and what Germani will wait for is another match with an almost obvious prediction with the trip to the lagoon to face Reyer Venezia.


Fortitudo Bologna 88

Brescia 78

LAVOROPIU ‘FORTITUDO BOLOGNA: Banks 34, Fantinelli 5, Aradori 13, Hunt 6, Withers 14, Baldasso 16, Cusin, Mancinelli, Totè, Pavani, Manna, Coach Luca Dal Monte

GERMANI BASKETBALL BRESCIA: Vitali 13, Kalinoski 8, Moss 4, Wilson 3, Burns 15, Sacchetti 12, Chery 7, Willis 8, Crawford 8, Bortolani, Bertini, Parrillo and Coach Maurizio Buscaglia

REFEREES: Carmelo Lo Guzzo of Pisa, Denis Quarta of Turin and Giacomo Dori of Venice

NOTE: Partials: 27-20, 37-44, 65-57. Double shots 11/25 Fortitudo, 19/46 Brescia. Threesomes 18/29 Fortitudo, 9/23 Brescia. Free throws: 12/13 Fortitudo, 13/16 Brescia. Rebounds: 29 (5 offensive) Fortitudo, 36 (18 offensive) Brescia. Assist 20 Fortitudo, 19 Brescia. Balls recovered: 7 Fortitudo, 8 Brescia. Lost balls: 19 Fortitudo, 15 Brescia. Fouls committed: 18 Fortitudo, 21 Brescia. Fouls suffered: 20 Fortitudo, 18 Brescia. Players left with 5 fouls: None. Technical foul on the Brescia bench at 33’04 ”. Match played behind closed doors.

FORTITUDO: Banks, Fantinelli, Aradori, Hunt, Withers. Coach Dal Monte
BRESCIA: Vitali, Kalinoski, Moss, Wilson, Burns. Buscaglia coach

Burns from the line only marks the first. It ends like this … 88-78
Baldasso thinks about it from afar 88-77
Burns finds two points with 35 “to play 85-77
Baldasso from the lunette rounds 85-75
40 & # 39; Another recovery Brescia, Burns wastes badly and Banks puts the triple that blows the bank 83-75
39 & # 39; Crazy defense of Brescia, the recovered ball arrives
Vitali refused the shot for unloading at Sacchetti in the corner. Brian’s missile that brings hope back to Germani 80-75
38 ‘Moss on the bezel, only scores the second 80-72
Fortitudo does not stop, Fantinelli scores from afar. Vitali is the last to drop 80-71
37 ‘Vitali from the line of charity 77-69
Last time out for Buscaglia
Banks irrepressible, another triple (31st point) 77-65
37 ‘Kalinoski tries to keep Germani afloat
36 ‘Banks with the crazy invention 74-65
35 ‘Magic of Baldasso dancing on the pivot foot 71-65
Burns on Vitali’s assist scores 69-65 in reverse
34 ‘Technical foul in Buscaglia, Banks capitalizes 69-63
33 ‘Banks returns to the field and continues to score 68-63
Sacchetti again. The bite of the Cobra 65-63
32 & # 39; Fantinelli rebounds ahead of Wilson
The blaze by Brian Sacchetti 65-60
31 ‘It starts with Chery’s mistake

30 ‘On the siren it is again Banks (21st personal point) who sets the score at the last break at 65-57
Burns out (why?) In Crawford
Hold on to Burns: two out of two from the 62-57 line
29 ‘Burns first gets stopped by Totè then scores 62-55
28 & # 39; Burns blocked on Aradori, Brescia is back in possession
Willis tries to make up for too many mistakes and scores 62-53
27 ‘Banks drive back Brescia 62-51
Chery plays the charge, recovered and counterattack 59-51
Partial Fortitudo of 22-5
Willis is unrecognizable, foul in attack with Brescia impotent and Buscaglia calling another time out
26 & # 39; Germani messes up again, Aradori gives Hunt the 59-49 ball
Withers’ four-point play on Wilson’s foul 57-49
Vitali puts a patch from the 53-49 line
24 & # 39; Pietro Aradori again with the 53-47 missile
Time out Buscaglia
Black out Brescia. Aradori’s triple is worth overtaking Effe 50-47
23 ‘Withers leading Sacchetti draws 47-47
Withers from afar 45-47
Crawford from the line puts the second 42-47
22 ‘Fantinelli straight for a straight to crush 42-46
21 ‘Adrian Banks with the triple in transition, Burns immediately responds 40-46

It is a two-faced Germani that shows up at the Unipol Arena in Bologna, after a start with several distractions (27 points suffered in the first ten minutes) here we find the defensive energy that produces the extension in the final second quarter. thanks to the rediscovered Chery and Crawford and the plays of a super Luca Vitali. Bologna tries to stay afloat dragged by the trio Baldasso, Banks, Aradori. Brescia must continue on this path to return to success

“I’m in charge in Bologna!” Vitali bags from a distance and sends everyone to the long break at 37-44
20 ‘Luca Vitali in the chair, splendid assist for Burns 37-42
No more scores are scored at the Unipol Arena
17 ‘Triple by Luca Vitali! And there are 1002 points in the Germani jersey, Mancinelli replies 37-40
16 & # 39; Two Vitali game – Burns, Brescia back forward 35-37
The fourth arrives by Mancinelli
15 ‘Three consecutive offensive fouls whistled by the backhoe (record?)
14 ‘Balsasso still protagonist, scores and on the next action suffers the foul of Willis. Parity 35-35
13 ‘Crawford on a counterattack finds an assist for Kalinoski. Triple 33-35
Fortitudo counter-overtake with Withers 33-32
Baldasso with stop, step and shot, Willis replies 31-32
12 & # 39; Chery’s assist for Sacchetti for a corner. Here is Brian’s scratch that puts the overtaking arrow 29-30
Chery again, steals the ball, scores the 29-28 and goes to be fouled in attack
Chery with three free throws available: precise 29-26
Banks all the way 29-22
11 ‘Crawford opens the second period with ikl 27-22

Willis closes the first period at 27-20
10 ‘Baldasso with the time trial stopped stretches 27-18
Third lost ball in less than two minutes for Willis
9 ‘Crazy triple by Baldasso who stretches 25-18
Willis is forgiven with offensive rebound and 22-18 basket
8 ‘The turnovers continue (6) for Germani
Lunetta also for Aradori: one out of two 22-16
With the clock stopped, Banks is accurate 21-16
Crazy play by Crawford who finds the basket and is fouled. Three-point game ended 19-16
7 ‘First points for the former Dario Hunt 19-13
Crawford just entered immediately at target 17-13
6 ‘Two more points for Banks 17-11
Aradori on the line with three free throws available. The Logratese makes no mistake 15-11
5 ‘Omelet by Wilson who gives possession to Bologna
4 ‘Rain of triples. It’s up to Moss, Aradori imitates him on the other side of the 12-11 cape
3 ‘Wilson on the second attempt puts the triple of 9-8
2 & # 39; Banks again, still triple 9-5
Witers replies from a distance, Kalinoski imitates him 6-5
1 ‘Banks immediately from three, Vitali responds with the arrest and shot 3-2

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