Inter, Conte: “Scudetto? Now it is inevitable to see him closer. The math is missing”

A special hug, with the flavor of the Scudetto. It is the one staged after the victory over Bologna between Antonio Conte e Lele Oriali. “We have a very strong relationship with Oriali – explains the Inter coach to the microphones of Sky – since I was technical commissioner. Victory different from the others? It is inevitable that the closer we get to the end, the heavier each victory becomes. Winning on a field like that of Bologna makes us take a big step forward. They are a great team with a very good coach. It was not easy, it was a very long day for us today, starting at 12.30. You are in the hotel and you see all the matches, I first watched the Milan match, then the Sassuolo match, not the Juve one because we were in the pre-match. After all, playing was not easy ”.

Was it the scudetto hug?
“No, it can’t be because the Scudetto must be won on the pitch. We must finish first, or at least there must be mathematics to assign it. There are ten games left to play, some opponents have nine: we know it’s still long, there are 30 or 27 points to assign. It is inevitable to see something, we see it closer, others see it further away, but we all see the same thing, only at different distances. It is up to us to continue to follow this path and deserve the first place, which I think it’s deserved “.

Here all the words of Conte.


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