Between nervousness and fog: Ribery sees (again) red

Red, in the career of Franck Ribery, it is a very important color. Red (and black) is the color of his Boulogne, where he took his first steps after the youth; grenade, a color between red and brown, is the Metz shirt that made him debut in Ligue 1 back in 2004-05; red is the Bayern shirt with which he has won everything in Germany, in Europe and in the world. But red is also the color of the already two cards remedied in just under two years with Fiorentina.

An excited ending

Against Lazio, on October 27, 2019, the expulsion came after the match was over: 1-2 in favor of the biancocelesti, and Ribery, replaced not without controversy by Montella, remedied three days of disqualification for protests and pushes to one of the linesmen after the final whistle. Upon returning to the field against Lecce, towards the end of November, Tachtsidis’s hustle and bustle would have stopped him until late June, thanks to the outbreak of the pandemic.

FLORENCE, ITALY – OCTOBER 27: Franck Ribery of ACF Fiorentina reacts during the Serie A match between ACF Fiorentina and SS Lazio at Stadio Artemio Franchi on October 27, 2019 in Florence, Italy. (Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images)

Hammer foot

Today, however, against Genoa, a very different red card: late entry with the cleats up on Zappacosta’s tibia, few protests and head down, as if to apologize for the ingenuity committed, with great awareness. Iachini’s Fiorentina then defended the draw in order, having to cope with this unexpected development.

GENOA, ITALY – APRIL 21: Italian referee Fabio Maresca (L) shows Franck Ribery of Fiorentina a red card during the Serie A match between Genoa CFC and ACF Fiorentina at Stadio Luigi Ferraris on April 4, 2021 in Genoa, Italy. (Photo by Getty Images)


Nervousness yesterday, fog today: they make seven expulsions in 19 years of career, from 2001-02 to today. The first with Marseille in the UEFA Cup sixteen years ago, the last before joining Fiorentina in 2012-13 in the German Cup with Bayern. Only two in the league, dated 2008-09 and 2011-12. Two, like the two in two seasons at Fiorentina. What does it mean? Maybe not much, because we are talking about episodes, and as such they must be declassified. But the increasing frequency with which certain episodes occur can be read as an index of change, from a condition of absolute serenity (Bayern has dominated Germany for years, except for a few blitzes from Dortmund) to a stressful context – Fiorentina of the last two seasons – not easy to deal with without the nervous system being affected.

Ribery’s contribution to the purple cause, despite these two empty passages that add up to some performances frankly not up to par and the many physical troubles, however it remains appreciable for the goals scored, not many but all splendid, for the leadership and for the growth of Vlahovic, as admitted by the Serbian striker himself. But Franck still saw red and it was the worst in the field today, and of this all, him first, we regret.


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