Miller, the wind threatens the race. “Do you remember Oliveira in 2019?”

Miller, the wind threatens the race. “Do you remember Oliveira in 2019?”
Miller, the wind threatens the race. “Do you remember Oliveira in 2019?”

4th in qualifying, Jack returns to raise doubts about the practicality of MotoGP with wind and sand: “Ridiculous conditions in FP3”.

Jack Miller is satisfied with the 4th position on the grid after the second qualifying of MotoGP in Qatar. On both occasions he missed the front row, but the Australian will still sleep peacefully. The goal is clearly to have a better race than seven days ago by solving the problems, but the real variable risks being the wind.

“Happy for the 4th position”

“I’m happy with 4th place actually”, asserts. On returning to the pits, however, he seemed disappointed: “I was because I risked another big crash like yesterday in turn three and at the end I managed to make the 2nd lap for a while”. The grid position was therefore not the reason: “I was angry because I couldn’t get out and set my times right away.”

“The track changes at every exit!”

Now we need to think about race and to improve last Sunday’s result. But making predictions is impossible: “The track is different every day, indeed, at every exit”. Conditions don’t help: “I didn’t go out in FP3 because it wouldn’t have made sense to destroy components unnecessarily. It was like driving in the wet ”.

“Do you remember what happened to Oliveira two years ago with the wind?”

“Also, if the wind gets up we will start asking questions”, alarms Miller. “The same thing could happen that happened to Oliveira two years ago in Australia. In that case Miguel was doing everything normally but a gust of wind took him out and caused a fall ”.

“If there is a storm we will see what happens”

However, we will try to be ready: “The sand certainly doesn’t help the tires, but I can’t tell you if we can finish the race in those conditions. If there is a storm we will see what will happen (smiles, ed) ”. The plan is clear: “I don’t want to lead the race at the beginning. We will use the same strategy as last Sunday, this time trying to finalize it ”.

“I have a plan, we’ll see if we can implement it”

Succeeding, however, will not be easy: “Everyone will be fast and they will be there. Someone may even try to escape, but I don’t think it’s a very easy option. We will have to understand what others will do and then adapt to the situation. I have my plan, but we’ll have to see if we can put it into action ”.

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