Insigne’s text message to ADL, Gattuso lashes out on horrors, Mazzoleni keeps up with Juve and Maksimovic’s trick

Zero in this sense of the tragic. A young Werther titillated by the pleasure of precariousness to the tendency to complicate his bread like a teenager who announces pain he has not yet experienced: “It is a characteristic of our spirit to imagine disorder and darkness where we know nothing for sure ”. Biting joys and bitterness, throwing down indigestible morsels and a second later jumping three meters from the chair: what a wonderful condemnation to be madly in love with this team.

One to Maksimovic who offends football principles that belong to the genesis of the game. A technical blasphemy that cannot be forgiven, because it is part of a seasonal route now littered with anti-Naples mines. An enemy fire that shoots and shoots and always shoots in the same direction: on that house that will no longer be his in a few weeks. A suitcase held together by little love and a lot of resentment.

Two empty passes, to stay on topic with the unfortunate intervention in the final of the race in Sassuolo. Manolas swerves, freezes, bounces on Simy who should dominate with the physical, but no body can go beyond the amnesia of its own brain. Wandering Kostas, in search of an optimal condition this year only palpated as a fleeting passion, never transformed into lasting love.

Three points. In the end there are the three points. And they are heavy, especially because they feed a fire that now has high flames, to the point of scaring even those who are up there. Gnawed points to Juve, Milan and Rome, bitten off the fourth victory in a row that has a flavor of continuity that never hurts. As always, we need to take a step back in the analysis, photograph a moment by enlarging the lens: for this time, that’s okay. In the recent past, cursed races like this had ended with other results.

Four league goals and a smile. Osimhen finds goals and joy, harmony and movements. It’s not the start of the season yet, but Victor has rediscovered a lost secret: moving makes things happen. Movement as a lethal weapon, an attacker whose strength is the refusal of static. Find yourself, rediscover yourself, again on the same side, as the Modena City Ramblers sing: “Maybe one day we can meet. Along the road again ”. The way is the right one …

Five to the precarious balance. There back it is missing Koulibaly, the sense of position of Hysaj in between the dynamism of Demme gives way to the imaginative attitude of Bakayoko to lose balls in an always different way. Visionary of spheres destined for easy morals, a Tim Burton of waste the French giant, who always takes more from this Naples than he gives.

Six victories close to without the final madness with Sassuolo. Gattuso finds points and determination, that scratch faded in the moment of uncertainty. He risks a little something with the hyper-offensive approach, he rages like a hyena for the final management but in the end he wins and breathes. He will be called to manage every energy, but the most difficult task will be to read the souls of those who want to give everything to throw their hearts over the obstacle. The only mistake not to make: perverting.

April 7, a date that perhaps hides an answer. The match against Juve will tell a lot about what it will be, about the ambitions, the hopes, the certainties of this team. And the great news is that Napoli will start from the same point as the Bianconeri: 56 points. The future is in the hands, the redemption is there within reach of the company. Pirlo is on the verge of hysterics, the trend says that at the Stadium you get there with valid arguments to play even. With a Mazzoleni more attentive to the Var, Napoli could also start with an advantage. But this is an old story.

Eight in the league, three in the two. When Ciro places the ball on his tile, the soul scugnizza, the Flemish mixed Neapolitan rebel trait, rises from the bowels at frenzied speed. The scratch is by the author, the face is the memorable one of the best celebrations. Dries pours out its quality, hot casting of a beneficial substance, an element that can direct the fortunes in the desired direction. His amazement after yet another pearl from placed is also useful to tell the amazement for the unnecessary risks in the second half. Ability to synthesize, in the right and facial expressions.

Nine to the tree of life. There is the magnificence of creation in Insigne’s plays, the illumination that belongs to the ecstasy of genius in the aerial scissoring that does most of the work in Osimhen’s goal.. It is Terence Malick who directs this Napoli, organizes its games and guides its fate. In the symmetry of a football but banal, Lorenzo at this moment is a synecdoche who perfectly embodies the entire team. There is no solution of continuity between Insigne and Napoli: they are the same thing, Insigne is a large part of Napoli. “If you don’t love, your life will pass in a flash”. Lorenzo loves, prays, scores. And he dreams of a life in blue: a performance that is a text message to ADL about the renewal.

Ten to the wrong John. The hero you don’t expect, with a foot that wouldn’t even be his: Di Lorenzo reverses the polarities of clichés, assaults the stereotype of the standardized protagonist. It takes the fifth assist in the league to open the dances, he sets up on his own to carve out a space on the front page with the poisonous left-handed who leaves no room for Cordaz. A wonderful ‘Human Stain’, a profound trait of this team that can hardly do without him. “We leave a stain, we leave a trace, we leave our mark”. How deep is Di Lorenzo’s in this victory …



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