Conte after Bologna-Inter: “Hug the Scudetto? No, but we see him closer than others …”

The coach after the victory in Bologna: “The road is still long, but a special feeling has been created with the players. We are all giving our all.”

The interminable embrace with Lele Oriali – but above all the new classification – know a lot about the Inter championship, but Antonio Conte, who even for the first time in months utters the fateful word, does not fall for it: “It was not a scudetto hug because first you have to win it arithmetically. Of course, we see it more closely, others from further away. But there is still a long way to go. Now we seal this moment with Sassuolo. ” But then Conte finally dissolves in an admission that knows so much about … “We are building something important. Last year we went close to a trophy, with the Europa League final. And now we are much more ready”. And the face with which he says it tells many things. Perhaps he too knows that by now the opponents have begun to look over their shoulders (in a Champions League key) rather than in front.

Change the story

“Inevitably, the closer we get to the end, the more important each victory becomes – continues the coach, in his ninth consecutive victory, the fifth in a row away from home -. Our credit if we beat a strong team like Bologna, trained very well by Sinisa. It was a very long day, in the hotel we met first Milan, then Sassuolo-Roma and finally Juventus. Inter called me to change the story of the last period. The goal was to win or win in three years. build something credible and give pride to the fans. Some things have changed since the start of the journey, but we have to stay focused on the work and think about influencing where we can do it. So are the guys doing, what happens outside (referring to the problems companies, ed.) must interest us but we cannot influence “.

Frog symbol

The praise to the self-denial of the group becomes the starting point to quote the soul of the locker room, the only one who raised a trophy in the Inter shirt back in 2011: “Ranocchia is an example of the reliability of these guys, he plays little but he has someone as strong as De Vrij in front of him. Yet every time he was called he responded in a great way. If I didn’t trust him, I would have forced Stefan to recover. The same goes for Young and the others. They know that I am consistent, I don’t look at the smallest, the biggest or the name; they always know that there is a choice to do the best at Inter. This is why this respect has been created. We all give everything for Inter and they know it, this is why this symbiosis was created. Now it would be nice to bring something important in a difficult season and give satisfaction to the fans after so many years “.

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