Six Nations Women 2021: Caroline Boujard drags France to victory over Wales

Six Nations Women 2021: Caroline Boujard drags France to victory over Wales
Six Nations Women 2021: Caroline Boujard drags France to victory over Wales

In Vannes it ends 53-0. Les Bleues confirm the prediction and respond to the Red Roses, for the Dragone some good ideas in a difficult evening

Excellent debut in the Women’s Six Nations of France – ph. Sebastiano Pessina

France takes just under three minutes to find the first goal. Boujard thinks about it, after a few phases, he recovers the oval from the base of a 5m ruck and finds the Welsh defense completely unprepared, before repeating himself at 6 ‘, this time taking advantage of the great work of his forwards that snatch possession from the Welsh and they give the wing the right corridor to go all the way.

Bourdon transforms both goals and at 7 ′ les Bleues are already over the break (14-0) and halfway through. The scorching departure of the hosts took by surprise a Wales who took the field aware of having to accomplish a real feat (never, in the Six Nations, the Dragone have beaten France at home) but the third goal, which gives to the wing the personal hat-trick in fourteen minutes, he arrives at the end of a choral action embellished by a couple of offloads that would have sent any defense he faced.

Caroline Boujard already takes the virtual player of the match prize in the first quarter (which is however awarded to Vernier) and France now only needs one goal to take the offensive bonus point that would allow them to ideally respond to the net success collected, this afternoon in Doncaster, from England over Scotland.

At the half hour les Bleues choose the poles to punish a Welsh misconduct, adding another three points to the score (24-0) before hitting the evening’s goal at 34 ‘with the fourth goal signed by Sochat. The hooker closes a maul born from touch on the Welsh 5m and sends the teams to rest at 31-0.

The result is heavy for Wales but it is fair and reflects the difference in forces on the pitch. The Dragone have tried, they have tried to create something but simply the superiority of les Bleues, in these first forty minutes, was too great to contain.

France slowed down a bit at the start of the second half but every time they manage to get possession they always attack their opponents. As at 52 ‘when Gros breaks away from a scrum dominated by the French pack, finding the Welsh defense completely uncovered and going to crush the oval over the line. Bourdon has the transformation walled up but the French pressure does not decrease.

At 60 ‘the Italian Stefano Penné, TMO of the evening, cancels N’Diaye’s goal for a forward but shortly after Gros finds his personal double, still detaching himself with perfect timing from a scrum dominated by the French pack. Bourdon is precise this time and leads France to 43-0.

Wales continue to defend themselves well into their 22m and really do everything they can to contain the overwhelming power of the hosts. Credit must be given to the team of coach Abrahams for being able to keep discipline at bay, closing the match with only one player (Evans, in the 83rd minute) ended up in the sin-bin (33 missed tackles, however, are really many).

In the final minutes the Welsh defense manages to keep the oval high in Sansus and Boujard, also winning a close scrum on their 5m before capitulating in the 77th minute when Boulard celebrates his first cap with his first international goal. Trémoulière takes charge of the transformation but the kick is short, les Bleues have one last chance with time out and after two free-kicks, they manage to mark the last try with Touyé.

France imposed 53-0 and launched the challenge to England.

France: 15. Emilie Boulard 14. Caroline Boujard 13. Maëlle Filopon 12. Gabrielle Vernier 11. Marine Ménager 10. Morgane Peyronnet 9. Pauline Bourdon 1. Anaëlle Deshaye 2. Agathe Sochat 3. Clara Joyeux 4. Coumba Diallo 5. Madoussou Fall 6 Céline Férer 7. Gaëlle Hermet (C) 8. Emeline Gros
Available: 16. Laure Touyé 17. Rkhya Ait Lahbib 18. Maylis Traoré 19. Safi N’Diaye 20. Marjorie Mayans 21. Laure Sansus 22. Camille Imart 23. Jessy Trémouliere

France marking machines
Mete: Boujard (2 ′, 5 ′, 14 ′), Sochat (34 ′), Gros (52 ′, 60 ′), Boulard (77 ′), Touyé (80 ‘+ 3 ′)
Transformations: Bourdon (3 ′, 6 ′, 15 ′, 35 ′, 61 ′)
Free Kicks: Bourdon (30 ‘)

Wales: 15 Robyn Wilkins 14 Lisa Neumann 13 Hannah Jones 12 Kerin Lake 11 Jasmine Joyce 10 Elinor Snowsill 9 Jess Roberts 1 Caryl Thomas 2 Kelsey Jones 3 Donna Rose 4 Gwen Crabb 5 Teleri Wyn Davies 6 Georgia Evans 7 Manon Johnes 8 Siwan Lillicrap (C)
Available: 16 Robyn Lock 17 Cara Hope 18 Cerys Hale 19 Bethan Dainton 20 Natalia John 21 Megan Davies 22 Gemma Rowland 23 Courtney Keight

Wales markers

Matteo Mangiarotti © reserved reproduction

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