Turin-Juventus 2-2: the match report – Toro.it

Turin-Juventus 2-2: the match report – Toro.it
Turin-Juventus 2-2: the match report – Toro.it

Torino-Juventus, live match of the Serie A 2020/2021 championship: official line-ups, pre-match, result and match report

This Torino-Juventus is the derby of the Mole number 202: it is a very important match for the classification of both teams, the grenades are in full battle not to be relegated to Serie B, the bianconeri instead want to be able to obtain at least the qualification to the next Champions League. Both teams lost 1-0 in the last match played before the break for the national teams: Nicola’s team was defeated by Sampdoria, Pirlo’s by Benevento. Follow the Torino-Juventus derby live with us on Toro.it.

Turin-Juventus 2-2: the match report

Markers: pt. 13′ Chiesa (J), 27′ Sanabria (T); st. 1′ Sanabria (T), 35′ Ronaldo (J)
Ammonites: pt. 42′ Ansaldi (T); st. 14′ Rincon (T), 38′ Sanabria (T)

Torino (3-4-1-2): Sirigu; Izzo, Good morning, Bremer; Vojvoda, Rincon (st. 20 ′ Lukic), Mandragora, Ansaldi; Verdi (st. 41 ′ Baselli), Sanabria, Belotti (st. 27 ′ Zaza). Available. Milinkovic-Savic, Ujkani, Ferigra, Nkoulou, Rodriguez, Murru, Gojak, Baselli, Linetty, Bonazzoli, Zaza. Coach. Nicola.

Juventus (4-4-2): Szczesny; Cuadrado, De Ligt, Chiellini, Alex Sandro (st. 41 ′ Rabiot); Kulusevksi (st. 25 ′ Bernardeschi), Danilo (st. 25 ′ Ramsey), Bentancur, Chiesa; Morata, Ronaldo. Available. Pinsoglio, Israel, Dragusin, Frabotta, Rabiot, Bernardeschi, Di Pardo, Fagioli, Ramsey, Felix Correia, Di Marino. Coach. Pirlo.

Referee: Blacksmiths of Ravenna

Turin-Juventus: the direct


45 + 4 ′ The derby of the Mole ends here, Toro snatches a precious 2-2

45 + 4 ′ Juventus starts up again, VOjvoda is very good at closing

45 + 3 ′ Baselli straight into the goal, Szczesny removes it from the door and closes in the corner

45 + 3 ‘Foul by CUadrado on Lukic, an interesting free kick for Toro

45 + 2 ‘WARNED Bernardeschi for simulation in the grenade area

45 ‘Four minutes of recovery

44 ′ Occasionissima Toro again with Sanabria who heads close to 3-2 and wins a corner

43 ′ Mandragora warned, then Bentancur signals to the referee that it is not a foul and the referee collects the card

43 ′ Corner for Juve, Chiesa goes on the rebound but it is Sirigu who blocks

41 ′ Toro also changes: in Baselli instead of Verdi

41 ′ Juve changes: Alex Sandro outside, Rabiot inside

40 ‘Lukic tests us from a distance: the conclusion is too central

39 ′ Another risk for the grenade with Ronaldo hitting his head and finding Sirigu to block him

38 ‘WARNED Sanabria for the intervention on Cuadrado

37 ′ Risk for the Bull with Bentancur finding Sirigu’s fingertips, also helped by the pole

35 ′ Good goal for Ronaldo: the Var overturns everything and confirms the Juventu draw

34 ′ Ronaldo’s goal canceled for offside: confirmation of the Var is awaited

33 ′ Juve punishment, meanwhile Izzo returns

32 ′ Izzo remains on the ground: the doctors of Turin enter

32 ‘Great intervention by Izzo to anticipate in midfield and conquer the punishment

31 ′ Ronaldo very close to a draw: the ball ends up high but what a mistake the Juventus attacker has

30 ‘Bentancur’s foul on Zaza, punishment for the Bull who can catch his breath and restart the game

28 ‘Good action by Verdi who recovers the ball in defense and makes the team go up: ball in Sanabria who does not hold the ball and Juve can start from the back

27 ‘Change for Toro: Gallo Belotti outside, Simone Zaza inside

26 ‘Punishment Toro: Ansaldi looks directly for the door but the skin is out

25 ′ Juve change: inside Bernardeschi for Kulusevski and Ramsey for Danilo

25 ′ Juve opportunity with Alex Sandro looking for Ronaldo: the attacker arrives with his head but ends high

23 ‘WARNED Cuadrado for a bad foul on Verdi: Toro punishment

22 ′ Sure Sirigu, this time, who comes out on the corner and makes the ball his own

20 ‘Change for Toro: inside Lukic instead of Rincon

18 ′ Juve punishment: Cuadrado puts in the middle, Bongiorno then moves away on the rebound Sirigu blocks in two times but what a risk

17 ′ Completion completely out of Danilo from the distance

15 ‘Foul by Chiellini on Belotti, the Bull can start again

14 ‘WARNED Rincon for the foul on Alex Sandro

12 ′ Try the conclusion from the distance Chiesa, all wrong for the bianconero

10 ′ Belotti-De Ligt contact: Juve free kick

8 ′ Great save by Sirigu on Ronaldo who finds the mirror of the goal with a cross from Kulusevski: the grenade goalkeeper deflects for a corner

6 ′ Series of rebounds then CHiesa from the distance finds the deviation of the grenade defense and another corner

5 ′ Another punishment for the bianconeri after Belotti’s foul on Chiesa

4 ′ Cuadrado bowl in the center, Izzo very good at anticipating closes in the corner

3 ‘Foul by Ansaldi on Kulusevski: Juve punishment

1 ‘The action of the network: Kulusevski completely misses the back pass, Sanabria intercepts and brings the TOro ahead

1 ′ GOOOOOOOOOL of the Torooooooo !!

1 ′ The Derby della Mole starts again: no change in the two formations

Second half

45 + 1 ′ The first half ends here: Sanabria responds to the advantage of Chiesa

45 ‘One minute of recovery

45 ‘Cuadrado penetration in the area, ball to Ronaldo who is closed very well by Bremer. Corner for Juve

44 ′ Alex Sandro tries us from the bottom, Sirigu is placed and blocks anticipating Morata

43 ′ Juve opportunity: great header by Morata who, however, finds a very ready Sirigu

42 ‘WARNED Ansaldi for a detention on Cuadrado

41 ′ Chiellini gives a corner to Toro: Verdi from the bowl flag in the middle, Izzo hits his head but the defense closes

39 ‘Church foul on Belotti: the referee does not extract the card but the Bianconero reacts badly, pardoned the Juve striker

37 ′ Ansaldi’s cross to look for Belotti in the area: ball too short, Juve starts again

35 ′ Bremer gets up: he is sore but does not seem to have problems

34 ‘Bremer anticipates Ronaldo’s conclusion but takes a bad ball and remains on the ground momentarily

33 ‘Bentancur’s foul on Rincon: Punishment Toro

29 ′ Vojvoda’s suggestion for Belotti in the area, the Gallo does not get there by a whisker

27 ′ The action of the goal: Mandragora lets a cannon shot go from distance, the Juventus goalkeeper does not block and on the rebound Sanabria goes with his head, crushing the 1-1 ball at the net

27 ′ GOOOOOOOOOOOOL del Toro !!!

25 ′ Great individual action by Bremer who recovers the ball on Ronaldo and flies to the left looking for Belotti: corner for the grenade

22 ′ Occasionissima Toro: Ansaldi crosses in the middle, Belotti does not get his head and the ball ends up in Rincon who signs a very powerful conclusion but finds the legs of Alex Sandro

19 ‘Verdi finds Belotti’s head which is anticipated, the ball ends up between Mandragora’s feet who wastes everything

18 ‘Belotti fake, Verdi goes to serve but the ball crashes on the barrier: corner for the grenade

17 ‘Punishment Toro: De Ligt lands the Rooster who wins a kick placed from the edge of the Juventus area

15 ‘Rincon lands Bentancur, punishment for Juventus

13 ‘Juventus goal: Chiesa anticipates Morata and beats Sirigu, bringing the Bianconeri ahead

10 ‘Belotti returns: no problem for the Rooster

8 ′ Belotti remains on the ground after the clash with the black and white: grenade medical staff on the field and game stopped

8 ′ Great ball recovery by Rincon who then puts it in the center of the area, Belotti arrives on the ball but is hindered by De Ligt

6 ′ Beautiful ball from Ansaldi for Mandragora who coordinates and puts the goal in the crosshairs: ball out but first thrill for Juve

6 ′ Foul by Kulusevski on Ansaldi

4 ′ Exchange between Ronaldo and Morata who puts her in the middle for Chiesa, one more face left alone: ​​the attacker coordinates but fortunately shoots very high

4 ′ Foul on Verdi of Kulusevski, he can try to restart Turin

2 ′ First risk for the Bull with Sirigu coming out on Morata who had tried to fish Chiesa, very free

1 ′ The game begins. Kick-off beaten by Turin.

Turin-Juventus: the pre-match

Ore 17.45 After the warm-up, the players returned to the locker room

Ore 17.25 After the goalkeepers, the Juventus players take to the pitch for the warm-up followed by those of Turin. On the sidelines, the two full management follow the warm-up.

Ore 17.10 The official formations of Turin and Juventus have been communicated. Nicola lines up Verdi from the first minute behind Belotti and Sanabria. Pirlo, on the other hand, plays simultaneously with Chiesa, Kulusevski, Morata and Ronaldo.

Ore 16.35 The Torino bus has just arrived at the Grande Torino stadium, closely followed a couple of minutes later by the Juventus one. Outside the stadium a small group of grenade fans: applause for the grenade bus, whistles for the Juventus one. The video of the arrival of Torino:

Ore 15.45 There are still more than two hours to go until the kick-off of the derby between Turin and Juventus but, in the Piedmontese capital, there is already the tension for the match. The grenade formation arrives at the match without two important players like Lyanco and Singo (stopped by various injuries) and with Nkoulou who has few training sessions on his legs after being stopped for a month due to Covid. Several absences also among the Juventus ranks: Bonucci and Demiral were stopped by the Coronavirus, Dybala, Arthur and McKennie were not called up for punishment after the party at the American midfielder’s house a few nights ago.

Turin-Juventus: the official formations

Torino (3-4-1-2): Sirigu; Izzo, Good morning, Bremer; Vojvoda, Rincon, Mandragora, Ansaldi; Verdi, Sanabria, Belotti. Available. Milinkovic-Savic, Ujkani, Ferigra, Nkoulou, Rodriguez, Murru, Gojak, Baselli, Lukic, Linetty, Bonazzoli, Zaza. Coach. Nicola.

Juventus (4-4-2): Szczesny; Cuadrado, De Ligt, Chiellini, Alex Sandro; Kulusevksi, Danilo, Bentancur, Chiesa; Morata, Ronaldo. Available. Pinsoglio, Israel, Dragusin, Frabotta, Rabiot, Bernardeschi, Di Pardo, Fagioli, Ramsey, Felix Correia, Di Marino. Coach. Pirlo.

Turin-Juventus: where to see it on TV and in streaming

The Torino-Juventus derby, live streaming, will be broadcast by Dazn: the match can be watched by connecting to the site or from a PC, smartphone, tablet and smart TV through the Dazn app. The match is also broadcast live on Dazn1 channel (Sky channel 209). On Toro.it the live web of the match.

Torino-Juventus direct

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