Abuses, Jeanson’s open letter to the International Cycling Union

The Canadian had been world champion jr in 1999, then confessed to the use of Epo in the 2000s and in turn had been the victim of abuse: “We need an independent authority to deal with it”

Genevieve Jeanson, Canadian born on August 29, 1981, is nearly forty years old. In 1999 she had been jr world champion twice, time trial and in-line, and in 2000 she had won the Freccia Vallone. Later (2007) she would admit to using Epo since she was 16, and subsequently to have been a victim of abuse (“insulted, manipulated, mentally and physically offended”) in the cycling world. He had worked with the Canadian authorities to denounce the practices of his coach Aubut and the physiotherapist Duquette. And it was precisely on the subject of abuse that he wrote an open letter to the UCI, which was published by the cyclingnews.com website. In the letter, Jeanson refers to the case of Van Gansen, the former manager of the Belgian Health Mate team accused of harassment by several athletes: the disciplinary commission of the international federation sentenced him to a stop of twenty months. “A sentence much less than the 4 years that are given for doping, almost as if it were that abuse is less worse than doping. It is not enough, it is not the solution. In society for sexual harassment one can also go to prison (…). Many girls do not report, they suffer in silence. I am now well and healthy, but I remained in therapy until 2019. Cycling needs an independent authority to take care of it, like Wada for doping. A body to which one can report in total confidence, have psychological help, know that they will not be punished for having spoken. Cycling has always been a male dominated sport but it is time to change things. In my case, having been found positive at the EPO and being disqualified saved me from the imprisonment of my abuser. Let’s make sure it doesn’t happen again ”.

April 2 – 8:31 pm



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