Terruzzi: “Max Verstappen is the moral winner”

Giorgio Terruzzi, in an article published in Corriere, was very critical of the race direction in Bahrain. The well-known Italian journalist then labeled Verstappen as the true winner of the Grand Prix.

Terruzzi is not new to stinging statements, and he certainly did not spare himself on the occasion of the first Grand Prix of 2021. In fact, the writer expressed contempt for the competition management:

“The fact is that on the race management front there are no news: an army of F1 super-professionals subjected to a handful of amateurs.”

Opposite discourse, however, for Max Verstappen. The Dutchman was the author of a great weekend, and Terruzzi labeled him a real moral winner.

“He is the moral winner of the first GP, after he conquered and then gave up his head for reasons that escape most”.

One of the most positive notes of the GP was the fight between McLaren and Ferrari, which we hope will continue to battle for third place in the constructors. The Leclerc-Sainz and Norris-Ricciardo couples were promoted, and they seem quite balanced between them.

“Both Ferrari and McLaren seem equipped and ready to deliver exciting duels. Probably it is a world divided into two sections. With a double balance that is precious both for the world championship and for the placings. Hamilton has lost all certainty on the eighth title, while Ferrari is convinced that it will regain the lost applause: two themes for two new challenges. “



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