Icardi, what are you doing? Removed from instagram the post shock on Wanda Nara | News

A bad figure, however you want to see it, with much of the inevitable social storm and subsequent Instagram intervention to delete the offending post. We are talking about the photo posted two days ago by Mauro Icardi in the company of his dog and wife Wanda Nara accompanied by a decidedly bad and offensive caption, beyond the “problems” or not of translation: “my dog ​​and my bitch“, wrote the PSG center forward, a sentence that translated into Italian means “my dog ​​and my bitch“. Of course Maurito’s intentions were different, certainly there was no desire to offend his partner publicly, but the result was different, first came the piqued reply from his wife (“how funny you are“) after which a social tussle with easily imaginable contents broke out.

Icardi’s post, deemed inappropriate by Instagram, was then removed and the news was given by the same player who posted a new “story” in which he reproduced the provision against him and also mentioned Wanda Nara tagging her with two emoticons.

An attempt, perhaps, to mend. Or maybe not, simply because there is no need. Couple matters, their business. Certainly, however, a little more than shrewdness and elegance (even in the social era) would not hurt.

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