Eden Rock 2.0 water park, from 2022 in Bastia the outdoor pool returns

Eden Rock 2.0 water park, from 2022 in Bastia the outdoor pool returns
Eden Rock 2.0 water park, from 2022 in Bastia the outdoor pool returns

From 2022 it will be active the Eden Rock 2.0 water park project; the works, pandemic permitting, will begin in a few weeks, and the inauguration will be in 2022, as anticipated by a press conference attended by the mayor, Paola Lungarotti, Antonello Volpi, president of the Azzurra Cooperative Amateur Society, the architect Laura Mirabassi, Mario Provvidenza, Regional President Fin (Italian Swimming Federation) e the councilors Filiberto Franchi and Stefano Santoni (respectively sport and public works).

Eden Rock 2.0 water park, the costs of the project and what it involves

The construction, for a cost of almost one and a half million euros, to be borne by the concessionaire, net of the costs for the acquisition of the areas equal to 247,000 euros with a mortgage borne by the municipal body, is in project-financing with annexes structures and management together with the current indoor swimming facility. In addition to the swimming pool, at the Eden Rock 2.0 water park there will be a green area complete with a “lagoon” for children and slides, a beach volleyball area.

Specifically, a 25-meter pool with eight lanes, a 7-meter slide area, a lagoon with water games and slides for children, a beach volleyball area, a restaurant area will be built. After the approval in the council and the acquisition of the land by the Municipality with the opening of a loan of 247,000 euros, with the Istituto per il Credito Sportivo, the works will start. When completed, the water park will be the result of a very long bureaucratic process.

Thanks from the mayor and councilors

The final project of the Eden Rock 2.0 water park was approved by the city council on November 26, 2020, but the first time it was talked about was 2012. A process remembered by the mayor Lungarotti, according to which “the project started way back in 2012, with the administration led by the then mayor Ansideri and that due to the length of time these major projects are not new to, it has been necessary to work until today to reach the goal. I thank the councilors and citizens, for the trust shown in waiting and that in 2022 they will presumably be able to benefit from the beautiful and innovative structure“. For their part, councilors Santoni and Franchi thanked “the municipal offices and the designers who are committed to finding solutions”.

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