MotoGP 2021, Qatar GP / 2. Joan Mir: The last corner didn’t make a difference – MotoGP

MotoGP 2021, Qatar GP / 2. Joan Mir: The last corner didn’t make a difference – MotoGP
MotoGP 2021, Qatar GP / 2. Joan Mir: The last corner didn’t make a difference – MotoGP
A lot of work, on one of the most difficult tracks for Suzuki, and a GP that ended up a bit with a joke, stripped on the straight by the two Ducatis of Bagnaia and Zarco. But the situation is not as critical as one might think, on the contrary …

“During the tests we tried a lot of things, then we chose the best for the race, but there was something wrong. What we found in the warm up made us take a step forward: sometimes it happens that when you try too much material you lose your way a little, especially here in Qatar where one session is never the same as the other. But we found a set-up that makes me feel good and we’ll start with that ”

Who do you see as your main rival for the title?

“This question cannot be answered, a lot of riders are strong and have shown that they have potential. It is important to be among them, but it is impossible to say just one name”

How do you feel, one week after the first GP?

“Nice to be back on track, to have a new opportunity to get on the podium and see what can be done. I tried to study the others, to understand the lines, but already during the race I noticed the differences between the various bikes. ”

You ran very well in the race, like last year. However, some difficulties remain in the tests, and starting from the front is essential.

“Normally we have problems in qualifying, but we managed to make another improvement in terms of the race, in the pace over distance. And I think it also benefits in qualifying. The goal is still the second row. ”

The goals have changed, however, since last year …

“Of course, after you win the title, any result other than the podium is considered a bad result… When I started in 2020, the goal was to finish in the top five, now it’s to finish in the top three every GP. But the strategy is more or less always the same; we are focused on qualifying better, starting better and staying closer to the leaders, to then be able to understand the situation and decide the strategy in the middle of the race: stay there or try to win. ”

A tactic that was not enough last week …

“Honestly, if I were in the same position as last Sunday, I would have two options: not to pass Zarco or to do it earlier on the lap. I don’t think that if I had done well in the last corner it would have changed anything. But it was just a race: we know that the Ducatis are very strong here and there are a lot of them in the top positions, but I don’t know if they will be able to maintain these positions in other circuits. After all, we did a lot of testing here, I don’t think anyone can suddenly find something to go much better for this GP. Instead, I expect changes for the next races. ”

Also because that of Qatar, statistically, has never been a favorable circuit for Suzuki

“It’s true, we have never done better than a fourth place. But it doesn’t worry me, because last Sunday I could have finished second and I also think we can win. The fact that no one has ever done better than fourth doesn’t mean it can’t be done. It’s definitely not the best circuit for us, but our bike isn’t that bad here. Of course, Ducati can take advantage of the long straight, but we can defend ourselves … ”

On the tires? A forced choice also for Sunday?

“We all used soft / soft, it was clear it was the best choice for those temperatures. If the temperatures are similar, I don’t think anything will change in the choice. ”

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