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MotoGP, Valentino Rossi to Lucchinelli: ‘And to say he licked my c …’

Valentino Rossi replies to Marco Lucchinelli: “His judgment hurts me. He was a friend but at a certain point he started to speak ill of me, and I never quite understood why. Everyone can have their say, even if I’m sorry. But if the results arrive, everyone will be back on the winner’s wagon “

It is not the Sunday of rematches only for Ducati, but even more so for Yamaha Petronas, which on March 28 collected much, much less than expected, with Valentino Rossi starting 4th and finishing 12th, in crisis with tire management, while the worst went to Franco Morbidelli, one of the big favorites on the eve, who, due to a technical problem related to the starting lowering device (the holeshot) or the rear suspension, actually finished the race even earlier to start it for an unimaginable 18th place on the eve.

lucky I don’t understand you

Valentino is also looking for redemption, who finished 12th 3 times since his return to the track after Covid. “It is not what we want and it is not our potential, we must and can be stronger”. The debut on 28 March was an opportunity to see the chorus of those who ask Rossi to retire grow. The last, and without too many words, was Marco Lucchinelli: “Valentino was a genius, a Martian, but now he’s back on earth and we don’t have to find many excuses anymore, that’s enough. He has always raced to win, but now he is racing to finish ”, the words of the 1981 world champion with Suzuki to the Lapresse news agency. To which Valentino replies without controversy, but by putting the dots on the i’s. “I’m sorry that Marco Lucchinelli says it, because he was a great friend of Graziano, we were very friends and every time I see him he is super nice to me, I would like to say that he licks my c … but maybe this that’s a bad way to say it. I don’t know, at a certain point Lucchinelli started talking badly about me, but I didn’t quite understand why. But in the end everyone can have their say, although of course I’m sorry. What are important are the results, if I can go fast everyone will get back on the winner’s band, if I don’t make it they will keep saying that I had to stop a few years ago. However, I only hope for one thing, and I have said it several times to Albi and Uccio (Tebaldi and Salucci, his historical friends; ed): that when I am old I will not become like them “.

you need respect

A speech that, speaking of Rossi’s contact with Brad Binder in the race, which cost him 4 positions, had extended to respect among the riders: “When I started, the young people had more respect for the older riders, but now the whole world has changed, not just racing. And it doesn’t depend on the position you’re fighting for, but on the pilots. Some are clean, others, like Binder, go hard and don’t care, let go of the brakes and hit you. Then now with all these cameras, if you react by saying or doing something real, bloody and sincere, controversies arise that exhaust you for three weeks. So you have to be, or pretend to be, politically correct. Or do it smart ”.

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