McLaren, Brown on Drive to Survive: “Sainz-Norris relationship does not reflect reality”

The final season of Drive to Survive, the Formula 1-centric TV series that aired on Netflix was very popular with the public. Of course, there are some inconsistencies between montages made ad hoc to romanticize everything and which, if desired, clash a bit with the reality of the facts, such as the story of the relationship between Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris after the official passage of the Spanish in Ferrari. According to the TV series, it seems that between the two there are frictions, when the reality seems to be very different (and we do not find it hard to believe it, ed) according to the words of Zak Brown, McLaren boss.

“I think Netflix’s work is fantastic for Formula 1 – He admitted Brown a It is a very popular program, but they use a little too much creative freedom: the type of relationship described between Sainz and Norris, however, does not reflect reality, there was not that tension that is perceived by watching the series. If we take the movie “Top Gun” as a reference, I’m sure every fighter pilot has noticed things that are impossible to replicate in reality, but it was a great film nonetheless. So we are alongside Netflix and we are happy, but sometimes they exaggerate a bit ”.


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