Still no agreement on Sprint Race – Formula 1

A definitive answer was expected within the first race of the World Championship in Bahrain, but we will have to wait to understand more about the fate of the Sprint Race test in 2021. The 100-kilometer qualifying races represent one of the big question marks of this season. , with Liberty Media continuing to search for innovative solutions to increase the show in full ‘American’ style.

In an interview with the Dutch broadcaster Ziggo Sport, Stefano Domenicali he explained the progress of the discussions and the reasons for the delay in taking an official position.

Sprint Race, only officiality is missing

“We are talking about it and we hope to finalize an agreement in the coming days – declared the number one of Liberty Media – We are discussing this with the teams, but we have to look for a solution that is perfect from all points of view ”. At the moment the main obstacle remains there definition of extra prizes that the teams claim to receive for the costs deriving from sprint races, such as those related to possible accidents or the wear of various components.

From Germany: Sprint Race, points for the podium

Another item of discussion is the 2021 calendar, which for now continues to present a list of 23 appointments despite the pandemic could lead to inevitable changes in the coming weeks: “The situation continues to develop – Domenicali said – It is impossible to predict what will happen tomorrow, because no one has a crystal ball. What I can share is that our goal remains 23 races, as well as all the organizers want to keep their race on the established date. However, the situation can vary from place to place depending on the vaccination schedule, but hopefully things will improve over time. In any case, we will have to respect the guidelines of each country ”.


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